Top 3 Quick Fruit Salad Recipes

Any takers on the origin of this fruit salad recipe? It frequently earns a “spot” among the delicious desserts at our Ukrainian church potlucks. This fruit salad is very popular and usually sold out. You can “plant” any of your favorite fruits in this, and did I mention that it’s simple? Fruit that can be … Read more

Top 4 Butternut Squash And Sweet Potato Soup Recipes

Fall is in the air with this simple-to-make butternut squash soup that includes apples, sweet potatoes, and warm spices. One of my favorite recipes is this simple butternut squash and sweet potato soup, which I serve every Thanksgiving. The most difficult part of making it is battling the butternut squash, so I ask the produce … Read more

Top 5 Brussels Sprout Salad Recipes

Fresh Brussels sprout salad is bursting with the best autumnal flavors. Despite being so simple to prepare, this salad feels special enough to serve on Thanksgiving (p s. there’s a make-ahead option). From Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Crispy Bacon to Creamy Brussels Sprouts in Alfredo, we adore recipes for Brussels sprouts. They’re so popular with … Read more

Top 2 Chicken And Apple Salad Recipes

I’m kind of obsessed with chicken salad lately. It’s quick and simple to make, incredibly filling, and the ideal cold meal for the summer heat. This chicken salad with apples is one of my favorites because it includes sweet and crunchy apples, tart-sweet dried cranberries, and a straightforward homemade dressing with a yogurt-based flavor profile. … Read more