is there a mango slicer

is there a mango slicer

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This tool completely takes away the frustration of cutting and peeling a mango. I probably buy more mangos than I should just so I can use this gadget. C

Have had many different ones but this is the best T

This slice and peeler has liberated me from the difficult task of peel, scoring and then cutting by hand…Fabulous product…. P

I have not used this tool yet,but I cant wait when I can use it. M

Works great to core the mango, but cant get the base to peel the skin off very well, could be user error though

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Does a mango slicer work?

It Works! We’ve been buying a crate of Costco mangoes for a couple weeks since getting this slicer tool. It has worked great on each of the mangoes, slicing as much of the meat off (it doesn’t feel like we are wasting any fruit).

What knife is best for cutting mangoes?

A chef’s knife is best for slicing off the sides of the mango, but you may want to switch to a paring knife for scoring and dicing the flesh.

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