Top 2 Apple Pie Cookies Recipes

Everything you love about a traditional apple pie has been baked into these adorable little cookies. The best dessert is a straightforward flaky pie crust topped with a warm, bubbly filling of apples and cinnamon sugar and a drizzle of sweet caramel. Here is 2 recipe(s): Apple Pie Cookies When you don’t want to bake … Read more

Top 3 Chunky Applesauce Cake Recipes

The batter for this gorgeous fall cake comes together in one bowl, and now for the truly amazing part. No fluffy butter, separate dry and wet ingredient preparation, or delicately combining everything. No, it’s not a trick; in large part because of applesauce, it’s incredibly simple and hassle-free. The cake itself is moist and lightly … Read more

Top 5 Brined Thanksgiving Turkey Recipes

The best turkey brine recipe uses a straightforward combination of salt, sugar, and spices to produce the moistest and tastiest turkey you’ve ever cooked. Try our simple roasting and brining recipes for your Thanksgiving turkey! Here is 5 recipe(s): Thanksgiving Turkey Brine Prep: 0 15min0 Total: 0 15h45min0 Yield: 14 to 16 servings Ingredients: 6 … Read more