Easy Apple Cake Recipe

This simple apple cake recipe is a great way to highlight fresh apples. This cake is delicious plain, topped with buttery brown sugar glaze, or even just a light dusting of confectioners’ sugar. It is soft and tender, with a stick-to-your-fork moist crumb and juicy apples in every bite. When you want a quick recipe … Read more

Top 5 Dried Apple Stack Cake Recipes

Serving%20Size%20(1%20slice,%201/12%20of%20cake),%20Calories%20770%20(Calories%20from%20Fat%20160),%20Total%20Fat%2018g%20(Saturated%20Fat%205g,%20Trans%20Fat%20g),%20Cholesterol%2035mg,%20Sodium%20420mg,%20Total%20Carbohydrate%20149g%20(Dietary%20Fiber%205g,%20Sugars%20103g),%20Protein%208g;%20Percent%20Daily%20Value*:%20Vitamin%20A%20%,%20Vitamin%20C%202%,%20Calcium%2015%,%20Iron%2020% Use 2-1/2 to 3-1/2 cups of all-purpose flour (soft wheat) or 2-1/2 to 2-1/2 cups of bread flour to make pizza crusts. Use White Lily┬« All-Purpose Flour to make a crispier, thinner pizza crust. For a thicker, chewier crust, use White Lily Bread Flour. Here is 5 recipe(s): Apple Stack Cake My mom loved … Read more

Top 5 Amish Apple Brownies Recipes

With warm vanilla ice cream, frozen yogurt, or a homemade vanilla glaze (recipe included), serve these delectable brownies. Here is 5 recipe(s): Amish Apple Brownies Recipe On your next weekend baking project, try these amazing Amish apple brownies, a straightforward yet delicious dessert that is best shared with family and friends. Prep: 20min Yield: 12 … Read more