Top 5 Apple Cider Baked Chicken Recipes

This month, after creating these delectable caramel apple cider cookies, I thought it would be fun to prepare a main dish using my favorite homemade apple cider. I came up with this incredible apple cider baked chicken recipe after purchasing some basic (and incredibly cheap!) ingredients. The preparation only takes ten minutes (ideal before leaving … Read more

Top 5 Brined Thanksgiving Turkey Recipes

The best turkey brine recipe uses a straightforward combination of salt, sugar, and spices to produce the moistest and tastiest turkey you’ve ever cooked. Try our simple roasting and brining recipes for your Thanksgiving turkey! Here is 5 recipe(s): Thanksgiving Turkey Brine Prep: 0 15min0 Total: 0 15h45min0 Yield: 14 to 16 servings Ingredients: 6 … Read more