Top 3 Apple Crisp Cookies Recipes

A cookie version of the brown sugar apple crisp topping, apple crisps are chewy, crispy, and spiced. I’m always excited for apple desserts in the fall. One of my favorite apple desserts is apple crisp. The brown sugar oat topping and the juicy baked apples go so well together. This recipe for Apple Crisp Cookies … Read more

Top 3 Quick Fruit Salad Recipes

Any takers on the origin of this fruit salad recipe? It frequently earns a “spot” among the delicious desserts at our Ukrainian church potlucks. This fruit salad is very popular and usually sold out. You can “plant” any of your favorite fruits in this, and did I mention that it’s simple? Fruit that can be … Read more

Top 2 Turkish Apple Tea Recipes

We’ll demonstrate how to make Turkish Apple Tea for you today. We adore this recipe because you can use either fresh or dried apples in it. Then all you need is some honey, lemon, cinnamon, and cloves. During the chilly autumn and winter months, kids will love making this filling tea because it’s simple to … Read more