why do you soak short ribs

There’s a reason why LA Galbi (Korean BBQ Short Ribs) is so popular! Marinated with a riot of sweet and savory flavors, the meat is tender and succulent with some caramelization. Perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner, and grilling out with friends and family or cooking indoors on a griddle or stove top.

The last time I enjoyed the experience of a full on Korean BBQ was years ago, when I was visiting Brisbane, Australia. I didn’t eat beef much at the time, but I loved the grilled chicken BBQ that we made. I’ve been eating more beef since then, and loving all of my favorite Korean dishes with beef even more now.

I introduced Korean cuisine to K with some Japache (noodles). Next, he tried Bulgogi and Galbi. It wasn’t until he tasted LA Galbi did he truly get hooked on Korean cuisine. Now it’s a regular in our house and if you guys know how flavorful this dish is, you wouldn’t be surprised!

Traditionally, Korean Galbi is made with short ribs, or hybrid cut ribs, and then braised until deliciously tender. You could make galbi with English cut beef ribs too if you like. However, LA Galbi is a quicker version of the dish made with flanken cut short ribs. Flanken cut short ribs are thin cuts of meat that are cut LATERALLY through the rib section. The thin cuts are perfect for BBQs because they cook faster and marinate well. If you’d like to learn more about the different rib cuts available and the difference between English cut ribs, hybrid cut short ribs, and flanken cut short ribs, check out this article here.

The popular belief is that LA Galbi derived its name after the “LAteral” cut ribs. Another theory is that it’s named after Los Angeles, where it originated thanks to immigrants who used this particular cut of beef to introduce galbi to US patrons. Either way, I am just thankful that it exists!

These Korean BBQ short ribs are incredibly flavorful with both sweet and savory notes. The not so secret ingredient that makes this Korean BBQ dish stand out is the pureed Asian pears! It’s a classic addition in Korean cooking as you can find this ingredient in Bulgogi as well. The pear puree is thought to tenderize the meat, as well as add a fruity sweetness to the meat.

If you haven’t done so before, make sure to order LA galbi or any kind of Korean BBQ beef dish on the menu, next time you visit a Korean restaurant. The experience of grilling the meat over a grill yourself, and pairing it with all the flavorful side dishes (Banchan), and some Soju, together with friends and family is amazing!

Start with 8 pounds of trimmed short ribs. Soak them (yes, soak them—it drains the ribs of excess blood) in a very large bowl of cold water for two hours, changing the water after the first hour.
why do you soak short ribs

Can I make this Korean BBQ short ribs recipe (Korean galbi recipe) with pork or chicken?

The word galbi or kalbi means ribs. If you make this with pork ribs, it’ll be called Dwaeji Galbi.

This doesn’t mean that you cannot make this recipe with other cuts of meat. It just won’t be called galbi then. The marinade here is so delicious that I’ve tried it with boneless chicken thighs and it was fantastic!

What if I can’t find flanken cut ribs to make Korean BBQ short ribs?

If you can find hybrid style short ribs, then you are good to go. To grill the hybrid style (or small English cut ribs), you will need to “butterfly” cut the top meat of the short ribs (cut the meat away from the top of the bone) so that it’s a thin strip of meat with the bone at the end.

It’s a little more work, but once you have butterflied the short ribs, you can proceed with the LA galbi recipe.

Why Braised Short Ribs are a perfect make ahead meal.


Why do you soak ribs in water before cooking?

The water will soak up all that delicious pork flavor, which will be more intense the longer you simmer.

Should you soak short ribs in water?

Rinse short ribs under the faucet to get rid of loose bone bits. Soak the short ribs in water for 10 minutes to drain out some of the blood. They can be soaked in a roasting pan, ziploc bag, or large bowl— whatever container you would like to use for marinating.

What is the best way to tenderize beef short ribs?

Braising, which is actually slow simmering (after browning in a bit of oil or butter), brings irresistibly tender and boldly flavored results to this meaty cut of beef. Because short ribs require long, slow cooking for tenderness and flavor, braising is the perfect technique for cooking them.

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