what is the difference between petite filet mignon and filet mignon

Filet mignon cuts often weigh in at about 8 ounces, though you may also find smaller cuts at around 5 or 6 ounces (sometimes called a “petit filet”) as well as larger 12- to 16-ounce cuts. Filets are usually served one per person, with every guest getting their own steak.
what is the difference between petite filet mignon and filet mignon

Chef Recommendations For Mock Tender

Several Chefs have weighed in on this cut so I am sharing their knowledge here. Mock tenders are similar in “tenderness” to a top sirloin, but if cooked on the grill as a steak they cannot be cooked MW or Well as they become very tough. They tend to bleed-out after cooking, so they must be served quickly and therefore may not be a good catering steak, but may work as a catering roast. The mock tender has a more beefy flavor than fillet mignon, but is not as tender as a fillet mignon.

Cuts of Beef Series: Beef Mock Tender, Shoulder Tender, Petite Filet

what is the difference between petite filet mignon and filet mignon

Let’s explore something new today, shall we? I mean, finding juicy tidbits about the history of familiar cuts is great and all, and a big part of why I write this column, but covering cuts like short ribs and flank steak all the time is a little bit like preaching to the choir. Whether researching an unfamiliar technique, or dealing with a fruit that I’ve never worked with before, almost nothing brings a smile to my face like discovery.

Today’s post holds another one of those serotonin-boosting moments: I’ve recently discovered a cut of meat that looks just like Filet Mignon but offers a big, beefy flavor in the place of that cut’s haute-y attitude. Oh, and it’s cheaper too. I’m talking about the shoulder tender.

The Different Types of Filet Mignon


What is petite mignon?

Natural Prime Petite Filets Mignon Filet mignon are steaks cut from the center of a whole tenderloin. Of all the premium steak cuts, filet mignon is both the leanest with a mild beefy flavor and fork-tender texture.

Is petite filet good?

Cooking: Petites take well to dry rubs and can be cooked whole or cut into 1-2″ medallions to resemble the Filet Mignon. Because of it’s tender texture, anywhere between rare and medium work well, any higher and it could dry out.

Is petite tender the same as tenderloin?

Shoulder Petite Tender | Lean. Juicy and tender, it is shaped like the Tenderloin but is smaller and more affordable.

Can you make a petite filet mignon for two?

Make petite filet mignon for two with this one pan meal. This complete steak dinner is made with a smaller cut of filet of steak (6-8oz) and served over a potato vegetable hash. It’s a restaurant style steak recipe you can make at home. Let’s cook steak… Why this one pan petite filet mignon is so good…

What is a petite filet mignon steak?

Petite filet mignon cuts are typically less expensive than large filet mignon steak. They cook nice and fast, and are the perfect portion for a weeknight meal. The petite filet is part of the chuck beef area (front of the cow in the shoulder) so they’re pretty lean, but super flavorful and juicy.

Is filet mignon the same as steak?

Yes, for the most part. However, while both cuts come from the tenderloin area of the cow, these steaks have small differences between them. Let’s look at each one to see how they differ in flavor and texture. Where Does The Word Filet Mignon Come From? Filet Mignon is the French word that means “dainty fillet.”

What is the difference between beef tenderloin and filet mignon?

Beef tenderloin and filet mignon are both expensive cuts of beef that you might purchase for a special occasion. Learn about the differences between these two cuts of beef. What Is Beef Tenderloin? Beef tenderloin is a larger cut of beef consisting of the entire tenderloin muscle.

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