what is sopes english

what is sopes english


Welcome to sopes! Mexican sopes are always a good idea whether for lunch, dinner, snacks, appetizers, or to impress at your next fiesta. I love sopes because they are SO versatile, easy to make, and loaded with multiple flavors and textures all in one bite – crispy, crunchy, creamy, juicy, earthy, robust, spicy, cooling, fresh – ah, my happy place! This sopes recipe brings you all these flavors and textures in an easy weeknight meal that the whole will love!

  • DELICIOUS. Crispy, soft, and loaded with toppings.
  • VERSATILE. The sopes can be topped with virtually any protein and are a fabulous way to use up leftovers. You can also skip the protein all together and go vegetarian with bean, cheese and veggies. As far as the toppings – there is no right or wrong! Line up whatever you have on hand and let everyone layer their sopes.
  • INEXPENSIVE. Sopes are very inexpensive to make with just masa harina, water, salt and optional vegetable shortening yet so crave worthy I would spend big $$ on them.
  • GREAT FOR A CROWD. Although we’re practicing social distancing right now, store this sopes recipe away for later because it’s great to serve a crowd whether that’s your own family (no one waiting to pass around the toppings to complete their sopes) or for potlucks, tailgating party, Cinco de Mayo, picnics, or swim parties. You can fry up the sopes ahead of time, reheat them in the oven, keep the meat warm in the crockpot, line up all the toppings, and let everyone adorn their own sopes.
  • MAKE AHEAD. The sopes and meat can be made days ahead of time and then warmed when ready. You can also prep all of the toppings and store in airtight containers in the refrigerator. Now all you have to do is warm the meat and eat!

Sopes (pronounced: [ˈso.pes]), are small, savory, handheld corn cakes that are like a thicker version of a tortilla, about &frac13 to ½-inch thick, that are toasted and fried then topped with endless fillings. They are characterized by a rimmed edge to hold the fillings, much like a pizza or mini upside-down Frisbee, a strong corn flavor and a delightful crispy, fried exterior that remains slightly pliable giving way to a soft interior. They are so popular in Mexico, that you’ll find them everywhere from the grocery store to street carts – and soon you’ll taste why!


Mexican sopes are a finger food meant to be picked up and eaten like an open-faced sandwich or slice of pizza. You can, however, eat them with a fork and knife if you wish. To prevent sopes from becoming a messy ordeal: 1) use small bites, 2) always use refried beans or mashed avocados to help secure the toppings, 3) don’t pile the toppings too high.

Rick Bayless Crispy Fried Sopes

How are sopes made?

Sopes are made from a dough known as masa. This dough is made into little cakes and then pressed or hand-crafted into thick patties with raised edges. Once they have been molded into the right shape, they are lightly fried on each side in a pan with either vegetable oil or lard.

What are sopes en espaol?

En ESPAÑOL. Sopes are like small tortillas that are thicker and have a border around the edges. This border serves as a barrier to contain all the toppings like beans, meat, lettuce, Mexican crema, tomatoes, and queso fresco, to name a few. Pickled jalapeños and carrots.

What is a sope in Mexico?

There are many different shapes and cooking methods, and even the names given to them vary from region to region in the country, but Sopes are a popular and delicious street snack that you can find almost everywhere in Mexico. Sopes is like a small thick corn tortilla with a border around the edges.

Are sopes easy to make?

Sopes are surprisingly easy to make, require only three ingredients, and make for the foundation of a quick meal, especially if you have leftover toppings on hand. The sope dough is made from masa harina—a corn-based flour made with nixtamalized corn.

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