can you put whipped cream in the middle of a cake

If you looking for a special cake that’s easy, impressive and a feast for the eyes, then this layer cake is excellent! It is four layers of homemade, delicious, moist vanilla buttermilk cake, sandwiched together with fresh strawberries and smooth, lightly sweetened stablised whipped cream (stabilized if you are American!). A slice of this cake is the perfect ending after a special meal such as valentines or any meal for that matter.

It’s neither spring nor summer yet for most countries around the world, however I am swimming in strawberries at the moment! Why you might ask? In Thailand the local strawberry season starts from around mid-November – late February (during Thailand’s so called winter!).

It is a great excuse to go around the Samoeng Loop, in Chiang Mai, taking the time to pick your own strawberries, while enjoying the view of the mountains.

This also provides an even bigger excuse to make a variety of delicious strawberry cakes and desserts. It was the natural thing to do to make a classic style cake with fresh strawberries and the yummiest whipped cream ever. Stabilised whipped cream to be precise, give me a spoon and the bowl and I am good-to-go!

Whipped cream is great with nothing in it… but have you ever made whipped cream, piped it onto a dessert, but within minutes or a few hours, it deflates or worse goes all weepy, soupy or sloppy! Yuck, not nice and nobody wants that!

This horrible problem used to happen to me often, especially in the scorching Thailand heat. When I found out I could stabilise whipped cream, to stop this terrible mess, I never looked back.

The stabilised whipped cream recipe used with this cake is perfect. It holds it shape for days without deflating and is great for piping on cakes, cupcakes, pies, cheesecakes and so much more.

I promise you it is super easy to make! Which is another great bonus! So let’s get started.

Whipped Cream Cake Ingredients Another beautiful thing about this recipe is that you do not have to be a super great cake decorator. You can pipe the whipped cream between layers, spoon it on, or just spread it with a knife. Cover the top with sprinkles and you are all set!
can you put whipped cream in the middle of a cake

What You Will Need To Make This Gorgeous Treat

  • My Vanilla Buttermilk Cake
  • Fresh strawberries
  • Simple syrup (optional)
  • Stablised whipped cream – Jump To Recipe

can you put whipped cream in the middle of a cake

Tips For The Best Strawberry Layer Cake

  • When you have baked your Vanilla Buttermilk cake, make sure to wait until the layers have cooled completely before adding the stablised whipped cream and strawberries.
  • To give your cake some extra sweet moisture, you can add some vanilla simple syrup, the Vanilla Buttermilk cake is like a sponge, so great for soaking up extra moisture, therefore it can take this extra layer of deliciousness! *Here is the recipe for simple syrup, it is super easy to make; it is a game changer for adding moisture to sponge cakes and giving them an extra lift.

    *Simple Syrup Recipe

    30ml (2tbsp) Water15g (1tbsp) Sugar 1tsp Vanilla extractInstructions: Add all of the ingredients to a saucepan. Then bring to a gentle boil (the longer you boil the thicker the syrup will become). Transfer to a clean container and allow to completely cool, before using it on your cake layers.

  • Evenly slice the strawberries.
  • Feel free to toss your strawberries into some strawberry jam, it will make them glossy and sweet.
  • You can use a patterned scraper to help make your finished cake look even more gorgeous.



Can I put whipped cream inside a cake?

If you add whipped cream to your cake batter, it will deflate. Use cream instead and refrigerate. Remove your cake from the refrigerator about an hour or two before before serving. If you want to use whipped cream as a topping, I suggest you place the cake in the refrigerator without the whipped cream topping.

How do you put cream between cake layers?

Spread the cream around the sides and the top of the cake to trap in the cake crumbs (crumb coat). Then place it in the fridge to firm up for about 20 – 30 mins before adding the final layer. You can leave the final layer of cream on the sides plain or use a patterned cake scraper to decorate the sides.

Will whipped cream melt on a cake?

Whipped cream makes a delicious cake frosting, but it’s not the easiest to work with. Common problems include melting, leaking, or the inability to hold up heavier cake layers. However, there are ways around this by adding stabilizers to thicken the finished whipped cream.

Can you put Cool Whip between cake layers?

You can add ganache, whipped cream, fresh fruit, pastry cream, or any type of filling like you would put in a pastry or pie.

Can I use Cool Whip to make a cake?

No, you cannot use Cool Whip or the stuff in a can. Only freshly whipped heavy cream. Trust me, you don’t want to cut the corners. You’ll prepare the cake as any other cake would go: sugar, eggs, vanilla extract, flour, leavening… but then you’ll fold in the fresh whipped cream and bake it in a pan.

How do you make a whipped cream cake?

Whip the cream until it forms soft peaks. Add powdered sugar (to taste), skimmed milk powder (if using – This is to help give the whipped cream structure so it doesn’t flatten out too quickly), and vanilla. Mix in gently. Place one layer of the cooled cake on a cake plate and the other half on a plate.

Can you use whipping cream in a cake?

Whipping cream is rich and of course a lot heavier than milk, so it’s not usually used in cake recipes. The extra fat in the cream does magical things in this cake, though. The other thing that makes this cake recipe so unique is the way that it is baked – it is actually baked starting in a cold oven, and not a preheated one!

How do you sweeten a whipped cream cake?

Sugar: Granulated sugar sweetens the strawberry filling and the white cake, while powdered sugar sweetens the whipped cream frosting without making it grainy. Kosher Salt: Enhances the natural flavor of the strawberries and the cake. Lemon Juice: Cuts the sweetness of the strawberries. Use fresh lemon juice for the best results.

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