can paella be cooked on a grill

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Learn how to make authentic paella on a charcoal grill for a memorable outdoor feast, and enjoy the flavors of Spain with Chef Tom’s recipe!

Chef Tom fires up the Yoder Smokers Adjustable Charcoal Grill for this classic Spanish dish, paella, to ring in the new year in style!

*Add a little water to the skillet to prevent scorching if the vegetable stock appears to be completely absorbed at any point.

Two 2-pound lobsters that have been par-cooked for approximately 12 minutes in salted boiling water, then well-drained and halved lengthwise

Paella on the Grill

How do you cook paella on a grill?

Assemble the paella: Bring the bowls of ingredients and the paella pan to the grill. Prior to cooking, add about 15 briquettes to the fire to keep the temperature up. Place the pan on the grill and add the olive oil and garlic; cook for about 30 seconds. Add the vegetables; cook for about 2 minutes, stirring occasionally.

Is grilling paella a good idea?

Grilling paella lends the dish subtle smoke and a particularly caramelized crust and makes it a great dish for summer entertaining. In place of a traditional paella pan, we cooked ours in a large, sturdy roasting pan that maximized the amount of socarrat, the prized caramelized rice crust that forms on the bottom of the pan.

Can you cook paella on a stovetop?

Because of how wide a large paella pan is, there’s really no way to make paella for a crowd other than over a live fire or on a grill. A stovetop burner is too small for a large paella pan, and would create hot and cold spots that would lead to uneven cooking, with soupy rice in some areas and overcooked sections in others.

Can you cook paella on a kettle grill?

Using a kettle grill makes managing the fire harder, since you can’t tinker with it once the paella pan is set down on the grill grate. Any adjustments to the fire would require lifting the paella pan and removing the grate, then putting it all back before continuing.

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