are premade smoothies good for you

Smoothies are a popular choice for a speedy breakfast or a nourishing snack, but are they too high in sugar to enjoy regularly? Our expert nutritionist looks at the facts.

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Quick to make and a useful strategy to tempt kids to eat more fruit and veg, it’s easy to see the appeal of smoothies. A blended puree of fruit and vegetables with a liquid base of juice, milk or yogurt, smoothies contain more fibre than the equivalent glass of juice.

“With store-bought smoothies, you lose total control over quality and quantity of the ingredients used,” says Hammer. Store-bought varieties may use artificial sweeteners, fruit juice, large amounts of fat or sweetened dairy products, contributing to higher amounts of sugar, fat and calories.
are premade smoothies good for you

Smoothies are simply a combination of puréed solid ingredients, often made smoother by adding liquids and colder by adding ice. Some of the most popular foods to blend are frozen strawberries, bananas, blueberries, mangoes, pineapple, cherries, raspberries and peaches. Green smoothies are also popular and often consist of apples, avocado, spinach and kale. “Some of the healthiest ingredients to put in a smoothie include a mix of fruits, vegetables and other nutritious components,” says Shelley Rael, MS, RDN, a registered dietitian and nutritionist based in Albuquerque New Mexico.

Naidoo says that her favorite approach to making a healthy green smoothie, “starts with a clean protein powder of your choosing, then add in greens (about 2 cups of spinach, kale, arugula, romaine, or other greens you have on hand), healthy fats (a small piece of avocado), and a healthy liquid to help blend.”

Among their many known health benefits, “smoothies are a creative way to increase your fruit and vegetable intake,” says Kristen Smith, MS, RDN, spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and registered dietitian at Piedmont Health.

Smoothies can also contain a lot of calories. Making matters worse, some people add sweeteners like sugar, honey, yogurt or agave to homemade smoothies – all of which add to overall calories. Bottled smoothie brands are often worse and usually pack between 270 and 370 calories in as little as 15.2 fluid ounces.

If one is mindful of added sugars and limiting calories, however, smoothies can be a healthy snack or even a meal replacement option and can thereby contribute to healthy weight management. “When it comes to weight loss, smoothies can be a helpful tool when consumed as part of a balanced diet,” says Rael.

Should you use fresh or frozen fruit?

Studies suggest that certain nutrients, including vitamin C, are comparable and occasionally higher in fruit (and vegetables) that have been frozen at harvest, compared to their fresh equivalent. Although, beta-carotene, which the body converts to vitamin A, may reduce on freezing. That said, it will depend on the fruit or vegetable in question.

Overall, whether you choose fresh or frozen produce for your smoothie, it doesn’t really matter. Both count towards your five-a-day and, if by using frozen produce, you’re increasing your daily intake, then that has to be a good thing. Frozen produce may also help keep weekly food bills down, allows you to enjoy out of season crops and are a useful stand-by when you can’t get to the shops.

Are Smoothies Really Healthy? According To A Sugar Expert


Are ready made smoothies good for you?

Many shop-bought smoothies are made from cheaper, more processed ingredients such as fruit purées and juices. These purées concentrate sugars whilst removing many of the nutritional benefits of the whole fruit such as the fibre, phyto-nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

Are premade frozen smoothies healthy?

Some commercial smoothie brands are full of added sugars and additives. The word “smoothie” automatically makes you think it can only be healthy, but this isn’t always the case! If smoothies contain fruit-flavored juices, frozen yogurt, sorbet, or ice cream, they can contain more than a day’s worth of added sugar.

Are smoothies from store healthy?

Commercially prepared and store-bought smoothies often contain added sugar, honey or other sweeteners, protein powder that’s often sweetened, or milk, yogurt, nut butters and other ingredients that make them more filling — and more palatable — but also add calories.

Are homemade smoothies healthier than store bought?

Conclusion: Better make smoothies yourself! Tastes better and is definitely healthier. Self-prepared smoothies – especially green smoothies – have a high concentration of important nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants and fiber.

Are smoothies good for You?

Smoothies are also an easy way to take supplements like protein powder, spirulina, or other powdered vitamins and minerals just by adding a serving to the blender. Smoothies are a great way to add more fiber to your diet. (Photo credit: iStock/Getty Images) What Is a Green Smoothie? Green smoothies are nutrient-rich blends of fruits and vegetables.

Why are smoothies bad for you?

Smoothies contain blended fruits which are not nutritionally equivalent to the whole fruit, as blending can break down insoluble fiber. Also, smoothies can be high in sugar. The best type of smoothies are the ones that contain also vegetables and low sugar fruits, such as smoothie of spinach, kale, avocado, ginger, lemon, apple, berries.

Should you eat a smoothie?

“This means you can easily incorporate a range of vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants into your diet in a convenient, easily digestible form,” says Crystal Scott, M.S., RD, LDN, a dietitian in Las Vegas. Scott says that well-balanced smoothies are an easy way to consume a nutritious snack if you’ve got a busy lifestyle.

Are smoothies a healthy snack?

Smoothies can be a versatile, delicious, and nutritious snack. They are also a simple way to add more fruits and veggies to your daily diet. Many brands now offer smoothie deliveries, making it easier than ever to enjoy fresh smoothies at home with minimal time or effort required.

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