who owns phoenix drinks

who owns phoenix drinks

It’s been one hell of a ride with some real highlights such as throwing Phoenix festivals in Kingsland, getting amongst all the colours of Splore festival and the swag of NZ Fashion Week. Plus, cleaning up rubbish off Rangitoto island and supporting friends on their missions to conquer the world; such as pro surfer Ricardo Christie.

Charlies today completed its purchase of fellow juice company Phoenix Organics for $10 million. Phoenix Organics produces a range of organic juices and sparkling drinks. Charlies will own these brands, as well as Phoenixs west Auckland manufacturing and warehousing facility. Chairman Roger Gower said he was delighted to have sealed the deal. “This sends a clear signal to the other players in the market that we are serious about living up to our potential as New Zealands number one distributor of premium beverage brands,” he said. The $10 million will be paid in cash in two instalments. The first instalment of $8 million will be paid on December 29, with the remaining $2 million due on February 28 next year. The purchase will be funded from the companys resources, including calling on its recently announced equity loan facility and a placement of $3.5 million of shares. Through the purchase Charlies will get access to Phoenixs route distribution system which caters to more than 3500 cafes and high end retail outlets in New Zealand and Australia. At this stage Charlies plans to maintain the current Phoenix brands and keep on its staff and management., but further integration will be looked at down the track. CEO Stefan Lepionka said Charlies will now take a few breaths before continuing with consolidation plans in 2006. “Weve launched a whole new range of Charlies smoothies, added new products and sizes to our juice range, run a new, controversial advertising campaign and bought a fantastic company. “Now is a good time to take stock,” he said The purchase comes just two months after Charlies ditched plans to buy speciality juice and smoothie brand Arano. On September 28, Charlies announced it had entered into three separate conditional agreements to buy the component businesses and brands associated with Arano. The deal would have cost Charlies $4.65 million in cash and 6 million Charlies shares. Charlies decided not to go through with that purchase following extended due diligence. Shares in Charlies were up 1c at 13c just before midday. – NZPA

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Who is the CEO of Phoenix Beverages?

Mauritius Breweries Ltd (MBL)
9 September 1960
Pont Fer, Vacoas-Phoenix , Mauritius
Area served
Key people
Bernard Theys (CEO) Arnaud Lagesse (Chairman)

What brands are Phoenix beverages?

Phoenix Beverages Group is listed on the official market of the Mauritius Stock Exchange since 1993. We produce and sell international brands and are the authorised bottler of the products of The Coca-Cola Company in Mauritius, namely Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite, Schweppes, Dasani and Crystal table water.

Where is Phoenix beer from?

Product of: Mauritius First brewed in 1963, Phoenix is the national beer of Mauritius and is brewed on the island using malted spring barley from Australia and Europe.

What is the history of the Phoenix Brewery?

The brewery was founded by Richard Tamplin in 1820 but, after a fire destroyed its original site at Southwick, he opened the Phoenix Brewery in 1821 between Albion St and Southover St. His son Henry took over on his father’s death in 1849, who was succeeded by his son William in 1867.

Where is Arizona beverages based?

Today, AriZona Beverages is selling the equivalent of 1 million cans of Arnold Palmers every day. AriZona Beverages was founded in New York—and in New York it has stayed. The company’s headquarters are on Long Island, in the town of Woodbury. But it seems much of the general public still believe the beverage maker is based in the Southwest.

Why did Arizona Beverages go out of business?

Not too long ago, AriZona Beverages nearly went out of business thanks to years-long infighting between the aforementioned business partners. To put it mildly, it’s been an eventful 30 years for the New York-based company, full of ups and downs and plenty of little-known stories.

Where does Phoenix Beer come from?

Phoenix Beer began production in 1963. It has an ABV of 5%, and is described as a “golden lager” by the manufacturers. Their malted spring barley comes from Australia and Europe. The beer is sold in 650 ml (23 imp fl oz; 22 US fl oz) and 330 ml (12 imp fl oz; 11 US fl oz) bottles and 330 ml (12 imp fl oz; 11 US fl oz) cans.

Is Beverage Marketing a billion-dollar company?

“They’re one of the few beverage companies that started from scratch and became a billion-dollar company in the last 20 years,” Michael Bellas, chairman of consulting and research firm Beverage Marketing Corp. told the outlet. It hasn’t all been smooth sailing for the beverage maker, of course.

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