What Spices are Good with Seafood?

Seafood is a delicious and healthy source of protein, but it can sometimes be bland on its own. That’s where spices come in! Spices can add a whole new dimension of flavor to seafood, making it even more enjoyable to eat.

But with so many different spices out there, it can be hard to know which ones to use with seafood. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to the best spices for seafood.

Best Herbs and Spices for Fish and Seafood Dishes

Here are some of the best herbs and spices for seafood:


Tarragon has a licorice-like flavor that pairs well with fatty fish like salmon. It can also be used in sauces, dressings, and fish pies.


Parsley has a clean, earthy flavor that adds balance to fish dishes. It’s a great garnish for any kind of seafood, and it can also be used in pasta dishes, stews, and casseroles.


Chives have a mild onion flavor with a hint of garlic. They’re a great addition to lemon and butter sauces, marinades, and butters. They can also be used as a garnish over grilled fish.


Dill is one of the most popular herbs for seafood. It has a delicate flavor that enhances the taste of fish and shellfish. Dill can be used as a garnish, in sauces, or in marinades.

Smoked Paprika

Smoked paprika has a rich, smoky flavor that’s perfect for seafood paella, stews, and pasta dishes. It can also be used in a sauce over pan-fried fish.


Ginger is a pungent and slightly spicy spice that adds zest to seafood dishes. It can be used in Asian-inspired dishes, stir-fries, and stews.


Turmeric has a warm, aromatic flavor and a beautiful yellow color. It’s often used in curries, stews, and sauces.


Cumin has a warm, earthy flavor with a hint of sweetness and bitterness. It’s a popular spice in Indian, Mexican, and Middle Eastern dishes. Cumin can be used in spice rubs, marinades, stews, and curries.


Cinnamon is a surprising but delicious addition to seafood dishes. It can be used in Moroccan fish tagine, braised fish dishes, and even fish cutlets.

How to Use Spices with Seafood

There are many ways to use spices with seafood. Here are a few ideas:

  • Make a spice rub: Combine your favorite spices to create a rub for grilling or pan-frying fish.
  • Add spices to marinades: Marinades are a great way to infuse fish with flavor. Add your favorite spices to a marinade of olive oil, lemon juice, and herbs.
  • Use spices in sauces: Spices can add depth of flavor to sauces for seafood. Try adding spices to a pan sauce, aioli, or beurre blanc.
  • Garnish with herbs: Fresh herbs make a beautiful and flavorful garnish for seafood dishes.

Experiment with Different Spices

The best way to find out which spices you like best with seafood is to experiment! Try different combinations and see what you like best. There are no hard and fast rules, so have fun and be creative!

Additional Tips for Cooking Seafood

Here are a few additional tips for cooking seafood:

  • Use fresh seafood: Fresh seafood will have the best flavor and texture.
  • Cook seafood gently: Seafood cooks quickly, so be careful not to overcook it.
  • Season seafood generously: Seafood has a delicate flavor, so don’t be afraid to season it generously with salt and pepper.
  • Serve seafood immediately: Seafood is best served immediately after it’s cooked.


With so many delicious spices to choose from, there’s no reason to be bored with your seafood dishes. Experiment with different spices and find your new favorites!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best spices for grilling fish?

Some of the best spices for grilling fish include paprika, cumin, chili powder, garlic powder, and onion powder. You can also try using a pre-made spice blend for grilling fish.

What are the best spices for poaching fish?

Some of the best spices for poaching fish include dill, parsley, tarragon, and lemon zest. You can also add a few whole peppercorns to the poaching liquid.

What are the best spices for baking fish?

Some of the best spices for baking fish include rosemary, thyme, oregano, and basil. You can also add a few slices of lemon or orange to the baking dish.

What are the best spices for frying fish?

Some of the best spices for frying fish include paprika, cayenne pepper, black pepper, and garlic powder. You can also try using a pre-made spice blend for frying fish.


Savoury, sweet and spicy

You’ll get all the flavours in this mix. This is a great mixture to use in breadcrumb mixture or pan-seared fish.

Combine the following ingredients: 1 tablespoon each of ground cumin and caraway, 1 teaspoon each of chilli flakes and dried parsley and tarragon.

Make your own spice blends

Experimenting with herbs and spices is the best way to produce dishes that taste delicious. Seafood and fish make excellent “canvases” for experimenting with flavors. It’s great to make your own spice blends because you can personalize them to your tastes. Use spice blends in stews and curries, or as a rub for seafood before grilling or pan-frying.

Fish Seasoning – a great Old Bay style Spice Mix for fish

What Spice goes well with seafood?

This is good with fried seafood, such as oysters, calamari, or crabcakes. Make a compound butter by mixing softened butter with chopped tarragon and shallots. Use this on grilled fish, seafood pasta, or rice dishes. 20. Cumin Rich and hearty, earthy and warm, cumin is a spice that can really transform seafood.

What are the best seaweeds to consume?

Spirulina is an algae rich in antioxidants, vitamins and proteins that provide many health benefits. Chlorella is another algae that, like spirulina, is very important for health, it also has omega 3 and is excellent for immunity.

What is a good seasoning for seafood?

The seasoning contains a robust blend of Celery Salt, Mustard, Red Pepper, Bay Leaves, Cloves, Allspice, Ginger, Mace, Cardamom, Cinnamon, and Paprika. Excellent with all seafood, especially crab. Oregano has a pungent odor and flavor. It is also usually used in chili powder. Oregano is a great addition to many lamb, pork, and beef main dishes.

What herbs go well with fish & seafood?

Dill offers the most basic herbal pairing for fish and seafood. Dill is especially good for adding delicate punch in many fish and seafood recipes. Some recipes you can try include: Continue to 5 of 12 below. Lemon balm is a prolific herb that has a gentle lemony flavor that is just the thing to perk up a fish dish.

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