what meat goes with deviled eggs

Deviled eggs are the perfect classic appetizer, party food or snack. What foods taste delicious when paired with this easy finger food? Read on for 33 delicious ideas about what to eat with deviled eggs!

I would say deviled eggs can go with almost anything: meat dishes (ham, steak, chicken, lamb, etc.), soups (chowders, bisques), any sandwich meal, and even (light) pastas; especially cold pastas, such as pasta salads.
what meat goes with deviled eggs

Hot Cheese Dip with Ham and Bacon

what meat goes with deviled eggs

This irresistible hot cheese dip is a great party food or weekend appetizer/snack. Let your slow cooker make this delicious recipe for you!

what meat goes with deviled eggs

Turn Antipasto Salad into a delicious finger food! Add pieces of Italian meat or cheese can be threaded onto the skewers for a tasty snack. These Antipasto Skewers are easy to prepare and they’re great as an appetizer or party food.

what meat goes with deviled eggs

This delicious homemade pretzel bites recipe is the PERFECT party or game day food! Don’t be intimidated by the cooking process. It’s way easier than it looks! You will not be disappointed.

Air Fryer Chicken Tenders

what meat goes with deviled eggs

Air Fryer Chicken Tenders are healthier and more delicious than anything you find in the frozen aisle, made with just a few simple ingredients. Great as a kid meal, quick dinner or adult appetizer!

These Are 10X Better Than Regular Deviled Eggs


What does deviled eggs go good with?

The best side dishes to serve with deviled eggs are beef and noodles, vegetarian lasagna, stuffed peppers, pizza pasta, turkey burgers, rosemary bread, cheese curds, cornbread, potato salad, chicken salad, honey mustard ham, cheesy bread rolls, pickled onions, smoked cod, and creamy carrots.

What to serve on a platter with deviled eggs?

You can also use these practical platters for serving gougères, profiteroles or cream puffs, tartlets, escargots, and even mini cheese balls. When considering what to serve on a deviled egg tray, the culinary world is your oyster—another thing you can and absolutely should present on an attractive deviled egg tray!

What pairs well with boiled eggs?

The best side dishes to serve with hard boiled eggs are Greek yogurt, cinnamon rolls, tapioca pudding, cornmeal porridge, sausage and potatoes, oatmeal pie, hummus, cauliflower rice, baked beans, grilled asparagus, avocado toast, quinoa salad, stuffed mushrooms, and fruit salad.

When should you make deviled eggs before serving?

Prep deviled eggs too far in advance, and you’ll have dried out filling and stinky boiled egg whites. For the best results, prep your deviled eggs up to two days in advance and keep the egg whites and filling separate until you’re ready to serve. This prepping method also applies if you’re not even leaving the house.

Are deviled eggs a good side dish?

Deviled eggs are a classic and creamy appetizer that can be served at any occasion, from backyard barbecues to fancy dinner parties. Finding the perfect side dishes to complement their rich and savory flavor can be a bit of a challenge.

What can you substitute for boiled eggs?

For vegans looking for an alternative to a boiled egg, substitute about 2 ounces of firm or extra firm tofu. The texture of tofu is relatively close to an egg while the protein and calorie content is similar. Tofu has no cholesterol and a range of nutrients similar to those found in eggs. For example, substitute chopped firm tofu for boiled eggs in egg salad recipes. For individuals allergic or sensitive to eggs, shrimp is a reasonable substitute. About 8 large shrimp weighing 6 grams each would increase protein from 6 grams to 11 grams, while calories would be reduced, and cholesterol would be cut in half.

What vegetables go well with deviled eggs?

Not all vegetables pair well with deviled eggs. One of the better choices is asparagus. You can grill the asparagus or do a light fry on them and keep the spices a bit on the mild side. Asparagus sometimes needs a hardy, full-flavored side with it, and deviled eggs make a great complement.

Can you eat deviled eggs with steak?

When serving deviled eggs with steak, add in a side salad or an additional vegetable, and you will have a complete meal that will be different than another run-of-the-mill steak and potatoes that everybody else is serving. 4. Ham Ham and deviled eggs are actually one of our favorite combinations.

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