what is yellow dal called

India is home to many different varieties of lentils, dried beans, pulses, and legumes. Did you know when a recipe calls for “yellow dal”, it can actually be one of 5-6 different types of lentils — moong, arhar, chana, urad, masoor. Or that moong itself can be of 3 varieties — whole green gram, split green gram, split and skinned green gram?

This page is a glossary and list of different types of Indian lentils (dals), beans, and pulses with their English and Hindi names with s. Where possible common names in other languages are also added. Unlike the list of Indian spices page, I’ve added a column for suggested recipes as well here which I will keep updating as and when I add more lentil and pulses recipes.

Toor Dal. Toor dal, also known as pigeon peas, is a bright yellow color when split. It looks very similar to moong dal but is noticeably thicker. Split toor dal can be used in place of moong or masoor dal but should be soaked for at least 30 minutes to ensure even cooking.
what is yellow dal called

What is dal? A fun play of words

Dal or daal is the generic Hindi word for Lentil. But dal refers both to the uncooked dry lentil and also the cooked lentil curry.

You need dal to cook dal. That is, you need lentils to cook lentil curry . I do sometimes say “dal curry” for ease of understanding for non-Hindi speakers but actually dal curry might just translate to curry curry :-).

I hope this list of all types of dals/lentils, beans, and pulses in Hindi and English is helpful.

Lentils, Beans, Pulses, and Legumes

Technically there is a difference in all those terms. The below figure from pulses.org explains the difference (or rather the relationship) between lentils, beans, pulses, and legumes fairly well.

what is yellow dal called

Difference between Lentils, Beans, and Pulses. Source: pulses.org

Lentils are a type of pulses like red lentils, moong, yellow gram, split chickpea, pigeon peas etc. Dried beans like red kidney beans, black eyed peas, pinto beans, black beans, are also a type of pulses. Pulses also include chickpeas, dried peas.

Legumes are any plant that grows in pods example fresh beans, soybean, fresh peas, peanuts etc. The dry edible seeds within the pods are called pulses.

How To identify Indian Dals | Basic Cooking Skills For Beginners | Easy Guide To Lentils & Pulses


What is another name for yellow dal?

Did you know when a recipe calls for “yellow dal”, it can actually be one of 5-6 different types of lentils — moong, arhar, chana, urad, masoor.

What is the English of yellow dal?

Moong Dal is also known as Green Gram Beans when whole, Split Green Gram when split with the skin on and as Split and Skinned Green Gram when de-skinned (yellow). The Moong Dal is native to India and is the most commonly used dal.

Which dal is yellow in Colour?

Moong Dal Yellow or Mung Dal is split and skinned Green Gram Beans which is also known as Yellow Lentils. Moong dal is very healthy and easy to digest. You may add such as curry leaves, cumin seeds, black mustard seeds and asafoetida when making the dal. The herbs and seeds add an unique layer of aroma and flavor.

Is yellow dal the same as moong dal?

Moong dal is the split version of whole mung beans also known as green gram (with or without skin). Yellow mung dal or yellow lentils is without skin and split green moong dal is with the skin. Except for the cooking time, using split mung dal is the same as using the whole green gram.

What is yellow lentil dal?

This easy yellow lentil dal recipe makes a savory, well-spiced dinner meal that’s perfect for any night of the week. Made with yellow lentils, fresh ginger, turmeric, coriander, and cumin, this mild dal recipe is one the whole family will love.

What is a Dal name?

Dals and Legumes – Indian Dals Names in English and Hindi. Split Chickpeas (Chana Dal), Red Lentils (Masoor Dal), Petite Yellow Lentils (Mung Dal), Chickpea flour, Besan and more.

Are yellow lentils the same as mung dal?

Yellow lentils are a little more confusing and may be different depending on where you shop. The name may refer to any yellow-colored lentil or a specific variety, such as mung dal or toor dal. Lentils are flatter than peas and often packaged split. If they have a red interior, yellow lentils might be called red lentils once split.

What are the different types of Dal?

They can be found in four main categories: red, brown, green, and yellow. Yellow lentils are most commonly grown and used in India as dal. Dal includes any dish made with lentils, specifically with split pulses. Mung Dal, also spelled as Moong Dal, is created with Mung Beans.

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