what is the standard size for a box for wine

This corrugated cardboard wine box has enough space for 12, 750-ml bottles. It’s designed to go with six HS202 2-Pack Standard Hexabox Inserts. This carton is suitable for wine, spirits, olive oil bottles, and much more. Each box is easy to assemble and offers just the right amount of protection to ship your bottles safely. Order your 12-bottle cardboard wine boxes from Gorilla Shipper today!

what is the standard size for a box for wine

Premium 12-Bottle Cardboard Wine Boxes

When shipping valuable glass bottles, you need a packaging solution that offers uncompromising protection, and our Hexabox cartons do exactly that. These patented bottle shippers have been rigorously tested and approved by UPS and FedEx, and meet all ISTA-6-FedEx-A requirements. And you can get them only from here!

Each corrugated cardboard wine box is shock, compression, and vibration resistant, and designed to maintain its structural integrity during transit. All your bottles will reach their destination in pristine condition.

  • Each Hexabox carton takes up 60% less space than foam shippers and pulp shippers and can be stored flat, saving you shipping costs.
  • Convenient push tabs allow for quick, easy assembly.
  • Hexabox cartons satisfy all online ordering and fulfillment requirements for ecommerce businesses.
  • Inserts are made from premium corrugated board and placed into a single or double-wall corrugated outer container, ensuring maximum protection during shipping.
  • SKU: HS312
  • Category: Standard Hexabox Shippers
  • Size: Standard
  • Number of Inserts (per Carton): 6
  • Number of Containers: 12
  • Insert SKU:
  • Container Product Fits:
    • 750 ml or
  • Minimum Diameter of Container: 2 3/10
  • Maximum Diameter of Container: 3 1/2
  • Minimum Height of Container: 7 1/2
  • Maximum Height of Container: 13 1/4

Hexaxbox Shippers: Reno (Sparks), Nevada; Memphis, Tennessee Pulp Shippers: Reno (Sparks), Nevada; Memphis, TennesseeFoam Shippers: Vacaville California

Please note: Foam, Magnum Pulp & XL Pulp Shippers are only available to ship from California. Higher shipping charges may apply when shipping longer distances. Foam shippers are more expensive to ship than Hexabox & Pulp Shippers due to higher freight class.

Hexabox cartons are the eco-friendly shipping solution. These premium wine shipping boxes are made from post-consumer waste. Each cardboard wine box is biodegradable and made from recycled materials.

If you want to achieve maximum shipping protection while looking out for the environment, order Hexaboxes from Gorilla Shipper today!

How to Build a Wine Gift Box


What is the standard size of box wine?

As the wine is drawn from the spigot, the vacuum-sealed bag collapses, which keeps air out so the wine stays fresh up to four weeks after opening, whether at room temperature or in the fridge. A standard size is 3 liters-the equivalent of four 750ml bottles of wine-and there are also 1.5-liter boxes available.

What is the size of a standard wine crate?

There are 7 main sizes for wine crates. The list is from most popular to most rare: 12 bottle wine crates: Most commonly made by: Bordeaux wineries Average dimensions: 19 1/2″ L X 13″ W X 7″ H Additional details: 12 bottle crates are made to hold (12) 750 ML wine bottles.

What size is a wine pack?

Universal bottle size for most wines around the World
Double the standard bottle
Double Magnum/Jeroboam
Two Magnums or four standard bottles
Six standard bottles

What size is a 12 bottle wine box?

The internal dimensions of this box are: 504mm long, 314mm wide and 163mm high (504X314X163). Made in C Flute and available with the external colour: brown or white.

What size wine box do I Need?

If you’re looking for a standard wine box for a single bottle, the most common size is 13 inches in length, 3.5 inches in width, and 3.5 inches in height. For a double bottle box, the measurements are typically 14.25 inches in length, 8 inches in width, and 3.5 inches in height. For larger quantities, the measurements can vary.

How much wine is in a box?

It’s evident from the large format that boxed wine packs in a fair bit of wine compared to a bottle. Sizes vary, but the average product is filled with 3 liters of wine. Since a standard wine bottle size is 750 milliliters, you’re getting four times the volume.

What size wine rack do I Need?

The bottle’s base pokes out the back, and the shoulder of the bottle rests on the front opening. Most standard wine racks feature openings that measure roughly 3.2 to 3.5-inches. This size can comfortably fit standard wine bottles. However, several types of wine come in bottles with a larger diameter.

How big is a wine bottle?

An even larger wine bottle is the so-called Jeroboam, with a capacity of 3 liters. The bottle is around 18 inches long and five inches wide. It is the equivalent of four standard wine bottles. Yet, there are also smaller wine bottles. The Piccolo or split wine bottle is typically used for a single serving of champagne.

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