What is Chipped Steak Used For?

Chipped steak is a versatile ingredient that can be used in a variety of dishes. It is a good substitute for ground beef or chicken, and it can be used in sandwiches, tacos, burritos, quesadillas, salads, and more.

Here are some specific examples of how chipped steak can be used:

  • Chipped Steak and Eggs: Brown the chipped steak in a sauté pan with onions, mushrooms, and peppers. Serve with your favorite type of eggs for a hearty breakfast or dinner.
  • Chipped Steak and Mexican Recipes: Substitute chipped steak for hamburger or chicken in your favorite Mexican recipes. It works great in tacos, burritos, and quesadillas.
  • Chipped Steak Salad: For those with gluten sensitivities or on low-carb diets, chipped steak can be a great addition of protein to any salad.
  • Classic Chipped Steak Sandwich: Brown the chipped steak with your favorite vegetables and add it to a roll or bread. This is a great option for a classic Philly cheesesteak sandwich.
  • Chipped Steak and Rice: Brown the chipped steak in a pan with an onion and 1/2 teaspoon of paprika. Once brown, add 1 cup of beef stock and your favorite vegetables (broccoli works well). Once the vegetables are cooked, spoon the beef and vegetable mixture over rice for a quick and easy weeknight meal.

Chipped steak is a versatile and affordable ingredient that can be used in a variety of dishes. It is a good source of protein and iron, and it is a good substitute for ground beef or chicken.

Tips for Cooking Chipped Steak

Chipped steak is a thin cut of beef, so it cooks quickly. Here are a few tips for cooking chipped steak:

  • Brown the chipped steak in a hot pan over medium-high heat.
  • Cook the chipped steak for 2-3 minutes per side, or until it is cooked to your desired doneness.
  • Do not overcook the chipped steak, or it will become tough.
  • Season the chipped steak with salt and pepper to taste.
  • Add your favorite vegetables or seasonings to the chipped steak while it is cooking.

Chipped steak is a versatile and affordable ingredient that can be used in a variety of dishes. It is a good source of protein and iron, and it is a good substitute for ground beef or chicken. With its mild flavor and quick cooking time, chipped steak is a great option for busy weeknight meals.

View Full Version: Chip Steak abunaitooAs a child, I used to eat a sandwich that contained something called “Chip Steak.” Came in a box frozen. Brown/red color. Paper thin. It was cooked in a frying pan using a special white paper. I’ve never had better beef and cheese sandwiches than I did with it. Kind of like a Philly cheese steak, but better. Havent seen it around for a while. Did a web search and found something called “Sizzle Steaks”. Sounded like the same thing. But also not around anymore. Ive tried “Steakums” and its not the same. We can only obtain what is brought in because we are in Hawaii. Miss out on lots of thing available in the states. Anyone know whether it’s still in existence or if it’s close to it? SOFMatchstaff: Yes, I absolutely loved chipped beef on toast or chit on a chingle. one of the few things the Hickam Chow Hall couldn’t ruin too badly I recognize what you are referring to, having not seen it in at least 20 years. wallenbaS. O. S. , smelled like up-chuck, hated it, dad loved it. Guess why I had to eat it. After leaving home, I never ate it again. Ive seen it in the frozen food section. Stouffers brand I think. Tom_etS. o. In our household, S was prepared in two ways: either with fish or beef. Tuna or salmon was more popular, especially when combined with cream of mushroom, canned or packaged frozen peas, and spooned over dry white toast. It doesn’t sound very appetizing today, but we probably ate it a few times a month. As for the beef, I believe it came in a box and was white and ox-blood in color. I can’t remember the cooking paper. Tommyt nicholst55S o. We used to eat S two different ways in our family: either fish or beef tuna or salmon mixed with cream of mushroom, canned or packaged frozen peas spooned over dry white toast (which doesn’t sound very appetizing today!). Our mothers must have been related because we ate it quite a bit. We ate it often, though we didn’t have frozen peas—we just had tuna and COM soup over toast! I don’t think I’ve encountered more than a handful of people who knew this particular dish. The package describes Bad Water BillStouffers FROZEN creamed chipped beef, but it tastes nothing like the food they served me in the Navy. No self respecting HOG would touch this garbage. Then there was the icing-covered cinnamon-raisin bread, which woke everyone up with a hunger pang. I can still picture that scent permeating every space on the carrier. Love LifeLove me some SOS. I make my own. Snuffy Mom’s chipped beef on toast recipe called for very thinly sliced corned beef packaged in a plastic envelope. She prepared a white sauce consisting only of milk, butter, and flowers. Typically, she would also hard boil a few eggs and slice them into the mixture. Served on toast, it was delicious. That stuff they called SOS when I first entered the AF was actually there! It was always with hamburgers; I never saw the thinly sliced beef. They usually had scrambled or fried eggs, so I didn’t go hungry, even though it was hardly edible. shootergNow, Love Life, post your recipe ! MaryBSOS barf. everything my grandma prepared, with the exception of using 1/4 pound of hamburger to gallon of water. nhrifleNow, Love Life, post your recipe ! Do please share! monadnock#5S. o. In our family, S was made in two different ways: either with fish or beef tuna or salmon, mixed with cream of mushroom, canned or packaged frozen peas, spooned over dry white toast (which doesn’t sound all that good today 🙁 ) Tommy, our mothers must have been related because we ate it quite a bit, though we never had frozen peas, instead we had tuna and COM soup over toast! I don’t think I’ve encountered more than a handful of people who had heard of this particular dish. I used to enjoy eating Salmon Pea Wiggle, as my grandmother used to call it, with Saltine Crackers. Years later, when I asked her for the recipe, she told me straight away that it was “a waste of money compared to what salmon costs now.” I made some anyway, for the memories. My elderly grandparents made sure we had Milkines with cereal at least once a year. I believe the intended lesson was, “If you’re hungry, you’ll eat this and like it.” A lesson well learned. While delicious, 762 shooterChipped beef on toast is not what the original poster is referring to. 762 Lloyd Smaleyou can still find steak-ums in the store. I do it once better. I remove a muscle from the deer’s hindquarters and freeze it. Then take a razor knife and slice it real thin. My favorite way to eat venison leadman is to fry it up in butter with onions, peppers, and mushrooms. Top it with homemade french bread and mozzeralla cheese. When I was a kid, I used to get the thin-fried beef sandwich at a small restaurant. It’s a portion of a cow’s stomach, according to my father, who grew up on a farm. Not sure on that but he could have been right. Cowboy_Dan: If you are unable to locate the original, you could try flank steak. Thats probably what was in the box to begin with. From there, all you need is the recipe to finish it. A quick web search may likely yield one with a photo to verify that it is the same dish. Bon appétit. DLCTEXCreamed beef on toast, aka SOS. Toast is served with seasoned, browned ground beef combined with cream gravy. Made right is delicious. Among the 16 boys I cooked for as a houseparent at Boys Country, it was their favorite. C. F. Plinker: I recall that the chipped beef was packaged in a glass jar with a blue snap-on lid. Havent seen it or even thought of it for years. ArtfulAh, Chipped beef http://farm4. static. flickr. com/3485/3194097397_cfc3656920_o. jpg Originally a mainstay of American cuisine, these wafer-thin slices of salted and smoked dried beef are typically packaged in tiny jars. Chipped beef is also referred to simply as dried beef. The military term “ship on a shingle,” or SOS in polite society, refers to creamed chipped beef served on toast. Read more at: http://www. foodterms. com/encyclopedia/chipped-beef/index. html?oc=linkback http://www. cooksinfo. com/edible. nsf/s/chipped-beef/$file/chipped-beef. jpg http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Chipped_beef Salted and dried beef that has been thinly sliced or pressed (http://en wikipedia. org/wiki/Beef). Some makers smoke (http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Smoking_%28cooking%29) the dried beef for more flavor. The contemporary product is made of tiny, flexible, partially dried beef leaves (http://en wikipedia. org/wiki/Beef), typically offered flat in plastic packets or bundled together in jars. The processed meat producer Hormel (http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Hormel) once referred to it as “a product that is similar to bresaola that is air-dried” (http://en wikipedia. org/wiki/Bresaola), but not as tasty. “[ (http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Chipped_beef#cite_note-1) among the restaurants still offering chipped beef on toast are Golden Corral (http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Golden_Corral) and Silver Diner (http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Silver_Diner). IHOP (http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/IHOP_(restaurant)) has replaced this on their menus with sausage gravy (http://en wikipedia. org/wiki/Sausage_gravy), and the same is true for Cracker Barrel (http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Cracker_Barrel) restaurants. It is also available from companies such as Stouffers (http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Stouffer’s) in a frozen state that can be added to toast that has been prepared separately; it is usually highly salted. For example, there are 590 mg of sodium per 5 servings of Stouffers creamed chipped beef. 5 ounces (160 g) serving. [2] (http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Chipped_beef#cite_note-2) The mixture was also, at one point, available from both Freezer Queen (http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Freezer_Queen) and Banquet as “hot sandwich toppers”; the Banquet variety is uncommon, and as of late 2007, Freezer Queen had ceased production of this item. Lastly, the Baltimore-based Esskay Meat Company and Knauss Foods (http://en wikipedia. org/w/index. php?title=Foods_Knauss Additionally, the meat itself is sold under the Carsons and Knauss brands. US Navy 1945 SOS recipe http://hnsa. org/doc/cookbook1945/pg148. htm http://www. hormelfoodsrecipes. com/recipes/details/1133/chipped-beef-on-toast. aspx (http://hnsa. org/doc/cookbook1945/pg148. htm) E. W. Knauss in 2004. To find a retailer that sells Knauss dried beef near you, use the search feature on the Alderfers website by clicking here. Additionally, Alderfer provides complete contact information and an online shopping option, so you can write to them if you’d like if you can’t find it locally. http://www. alderfermeats. The chipped beef that I recall was in a glass jar with a blue snap-on lid. https://deli.deli-beef.com/deli/beef-loaf-alderfer-brand-smoked-beef-loaf fryboy Havent seen it or even thought of it for years. That was the amour (spelling?) brand; I’m not sure which was better (or worse) because I can’t remember seeing it in the more modern foil-flashed plastic pouches the last time I saw it. Dale in Louisiana: I loved SOS when I was in the Army, but I don’t think it was very tasty straight out of the package. However, when combined with culinary skills, it was not only edible but also really enjoyable. I made sure to stop by the mess hall at Camp Perry as well. Heres a link to my recipe (http://mostlycajun. com/wordpress/?p=4639). The chipped beef that I recall was served in a glass jar with a blue snap-on lid. Dale in Louisiana dagger dog Havent seen it or even thought of it for years. Armor still produces salted beef in jars, which requires boiling in water to get rid of the salt before performing the SOS. On the east coast, cheese steak sandwiches are a common meal, and fresh or frozen chip steak is frequently available at the grocery store. The franchise sub shop Penn Station is the closest to what I remember eating and purchasing cheese steak in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area. They are a passable substitute, but they wouldn’t hold up where the real thing is sold. slughammerChip steak is eye round that has been cross cut. As suggested semi-frozen and cut across the grain. (My brother and parents will use a meat slicer to cut the hindquarters of deer round.) my wife prefers roast). You ought to be able to request this if you locate the appropriate butcher. abunaitooI like hamburger SOS. But instead of toast, I like it over buttermilk biscuits. The “chip steak” I’m referring to is not the same as what’s in SOS. Last time I had it was in the 70s. Steak ems is processed meat. Ive tried it and its rubbish. I was searching for a round, paper-thin, genuine meat cut. It came in a box of 10 or 12. Every three or four-serving portion was sandwiched between two sheets of paper of some sort. To cook, place it frozen in a frying pan with parchment paper on top and underneath. The meat was turned over when the edges began to brown. The top paper taken off. Lightly salt and pepper. Served on bread with mayonnaise and cheese. Best sandwich Ive ever had. Wish I could find it again. Mold makerThis is where we have Armor’s dried beef in jars. It must be me, but when SOS was on the menu, I ate whatever else was available in line and pushed on! About once a month, my wife and I think it’s a wonderful treat. Since we both have high blood pressure and diabetes, we save it for special occasions. It does have lots of sodium and carbs. Makes you thirsty all day. OBIII: My stepfather used to prepare it using dried beef chips. It’s not bad, but I use generic sliced beef, like the Buddig kind, because I’m a cheap gourmet. I cube it, add it to a white sauce with cheese, season it, and let it cook until it’s thoroughly cooked. Serve on plain toast or homemade biscuits, or over eggs. It’s a delicious meal that can be enjoyed at any time, in my opinion. OB GaryshomeI has sos the other day for lunch! wyrmzrhttp://www. countrystoremeats. com/Products/Chip-Steak-1–5-Box__668. aspx (http://www. countrystoremeats. com/Products/Chip-Steak-1–5-Box__668. aspx) It’s among the search engine results that appear first. Getting it to you may be a challenge, though. abunaitoohttp://www. countrystoremeats. com/Products/Chip-Steak-1–5-Box__668. aspx (http://www. countrystoremeats. com/Products/Chip-Steak-1–5-Box__668. aspx) It’s among the search engine results that appear first. Getting it to you may be a challenge, though. This one is processed into a patty. I think its like “Steak Ems”. Not to good. Powered by vBulletin® Version 4. 2. 5 Copyright © 2024 vBulletin Solutions Inc. All rights reserved.

At your neighborhood grocery store, you can find fresh chipped steak in the freezer section or in the refrigerator with other meat products. It may be packaged as beef chip steak or shaved steak, and those frozen Steak-umms are comparable. You can order chipped steak at the counter at certain butchers. Just tell them how thin you want it sliced, just like you would when placing an order for fresh cold cuts. And just in case you were wondering, it’s not quite the same as dried or chipped beef, which is packaged, cured, and often used in breakfast gravies.

The butcher and grocery store carry a wide variety of beef and steak cuts, but maybe one type you’re not as familiar with is chipped steak. If you’ve never heard of chipped steak, it’s made from various beef cuts, like the rump, that are thinly sliced. Because it’s so thin, it works well on the sandwich to create balanced bites, which is why it’s frequently used in Philly cheesesteaks. However, it’s also versatile and can be used in many other recipes in place of ground beef.

We believe it is a great alternative to ground beef in a variety of recipes, such as stir-fries, tacos, salads, burrito bowls, and stuffed peppers with a cheesesteak flavor. Really, you can incorporate this into any recipe that asks for ground meat of any kind. If you don’t need to substitute ground beef, there are plenty of other recipes that call for chipped steak in its original form.

The primary distinction between ground beef and chipped steak is that the latter is finely chopped, while the former is thinly sliced. Since thinly sliced chipped beef cooks quickly, you’ll need to adjust the cooking time if you want to substitute chipped steak for the ground beef. Before putting the steak in the pan or as it cooks off, cut it up into smaller pieces for more balanced bites.

Although it tastes great on cheesesteaks, you can use it on any other type of steak sandwich, such as one topped with eggs for a fancy breakfast sandwich or one with crumbled blue cheese and balsamic glaze for a more sophisticated version. In addition, chipped steak can be cooked in a gravy with onions and mushrooms and served with creamy mashed potatoes that resemble hamburger steaks. It can also be served with steamed rice and vegetables for a nutritious supper.

Garlic Butter Chipped Steak

What is chip steak good for?

Chip steak is highly versatile and is particularly good for quick and easy meals due to its thin cuts. It’s excellent for making sandwiches like Philly cheesesteaks, where it can be quickly cooked and layered with cheese and onions. It also works well in various recipes such as tacos, breakfast sandwiches, and stir-fries.

How do you eat a chipped steak?

You can serve chip steak with fried or plain white rice. You can use diced onion and paprika to sauté the chipped steak. After you sauté the chipped steak, add beef broth and a mixture of healthy vegetables. To finish the dish, let the mixture simmer for several minutes or until the sauce thickens and the flavours meld together.

What is chip steak made of?

Chip steak is typically made from a thin cut of the beef round, particularly the top round. The beef round is a lean cut of meat from the rear leg of the cow. The top round, specifically, is known for being leaner and less tender compared to cuts from the front of the cow, like the rib and loin cuts.

Who invented ChIP steak?

The chip steak was invented in 1936 by a famous butcher named William Dubil. He accidentally froze the cut bottom round of the beef, and when sliced into paper-thin patties, it allowed them to thaw. As a result, he obtained a delicious dish called “chip steaks.”

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