what is a restaurant bar called

However, there are a few key differences you should know before starting your business. Sure, there are stand-alone bars and stand-alone restaurants, but is there a real difference; and what about the notorious restaurant bar setup

Here, well discuss the difference between a bar and a restaurant, some similarities, and how to ensure your success in the industry.

Taverns. A tavern is typically a more upscale type of bar that also serves food. Taverns often have a more sophisticated atmosphere, and they may offer a wider selection of beers, wines, and spirits. Taverns are also usually more expensive than bars.
what is a restaurant bar called

What Is a Bar?

A bar is defined as an establishment that is licensed to serve alcoholic beverages. The specific name is derived after the counter or bar at which drinks are served. The person in charge of running a bar is called a bar manager (see bar manager salary).Â

If you already manage a bar, the definition may seem obvious. However, for someone looking to break into the industry, it can be quite confusing. Why? Because today, “bar” is used as a blanket term for pubs, clubs, and sometimes even restaurants. So, “Hey, want to go to the bar tonight?” could mean youll end up at any of the above places.Â

Knowingly, its important that youre able to understand and identify what a bar is, and what type of bar youre looking to operate if you want to attract a specific niche market.Â

What Types of Food and Drink get Served at a Restaurant?

Similar to bars, the type of food you can find at a restaurant will vary depending on the type of restaurant youre at. Restaurants typically fit into five categories: fine dining, casual dining, fast-casual, ghost restaurants, and fast food.Â

At a fine dining restaurant, expect to find upscale meals that feature several courses, e.g. salad, appetizer, entree, and dessert

The purpose of fine dining is to create an atmosphere of elegance and class. As such, you end up paying for both the food and the experience.Â

Casual dining is the perfect go-between for fast casual and fine dining. It offers the sit down experience many people like, but it allows for a more relaxed setting.

At a casual dining restaurant youll normally find the following:

  • Seated dining
  • Moderately priced food
  • Low-key atmosphere
  • Unique food items

Think Cheesecake Factory, BJs, and Olive Garden. Casual dining falls somewhere between fine dining and fast casual.Â

Fast casual restaurants offer speed of service while still providing a quality and filling meal. Expect meals that are healthier than fast food, but more affordable than casual and fine dining.Â

Additionally, fast casual restaurants normally do not have waiters, and instead offer counter service. Some examples of fast casual restaurants include Chipotle, Panera, and Torchys.Â

A ghost restaurant, or ghost kitchen, is a restaurant that serves customers by phone and online orders only. As a virtual restaurant model, there is no traditional storefront (i.e., decor and seating). The only staff in a ghost restaurant are cooks and delivery drivers.Â

Fast food is the most widespread type of restaurant. Customers are attracted to the low prices, convenience, and speed. Most, but not all, fast food restaurants use preheated and frozen food to meet demand. Examples of fast food restaurants include Taco Bell, McDonalds, and Wendys.Â

“How to Buy a Bar or Restaurant” Checklist


What is a bar in a restaurant?

Restaurant bar means any area of a restaurant, excluding the dining area, that is primarily devoted to the serving of alcoholic beverages for consumption by guests on the premises and in which food service, if any, is only incidental to the consumption of such beverages. Sample 1.

What is the collective name for bars and restaurants?

Restobar: A restobar is a combination of a restaurant and a bar.

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