what is a brown sugar saver made of

As its name suggests, sugar saver is a small piece of terracotta or other porous clay that is designed to keep brown sugar soft and ready for use. Sugar savers may be the easiest and cutest way to save your brown sugar for a longer period of time.
what is a brown sugar saver made of

How to keep brown sugar soft?

Keeping brown sugar soft is as easy as placing a Brown Sugar Saver that has been soaked in water inside your brown sugar container.

All brown sugar should have a Brown Sugar Saver!

Soft brown sugar is much easier to use, and all it takes to stay that way is this handy disk. Made of clay, this Brown Sugar Saver holds moisture to keep your sugar from clumping, and it can also effectively transform rock-hard blocks back into usable, super-soft granules. Give it a quick soak, blot it dry, and tuck it into your sugar storage container.

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What is brown sugar bear made of?

The Brown Sugar Bear is made from a safe food clay that is heat-treated to a specific temperature. This allows the clay to absorb and retain moisture. The moisture within the clay will slowly release over 2 to 3 months at a consistent rate. The clay bear supplies moisture indefinitely to brown sugar.

How does terracotta keep brown sugar soft?

Terra cotta is porous — it will absorb water without being wet to the touch. Soak the disk for 10-15 minutes, then pat it dry and stick it in your brown sugar container. It will slowly release moisture into the container without dissolving or crystalizing the sugar, keeping your brown sugar soft for 3-6 months!

Does a sugar saver work in white sugar?

Q: does anyone know if these can be used to regular white sugar also? No, These are designed to maintain moisture content, not remove it.

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