what foods were popular in the 1900s

It was an exciting time for food, too. In the first decade of the new century, brownies were invented, Necco wafers came into being and the first patent was issued for instant coffee. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and hot fudge sundaes were created then, too.
what foods were popular in the 1900s

1930s: egg drop soup

what foods were popular in the 1900s

Although egg drop soup is a Chinese recipe, during the Great Depression an American version containing potatoes and onions – central ingredients in most Depression-era dishes – was popular. It was a light vegetable broth with filling veggie chunks and egg and cheese scrambled in for protein. It was eaten with toast.

1980s: tri-colour pasta salad

what foods were popular in the 1900s

If one dish shouts 1980s, it’s pasta salad with green (spinach), red (tomato) and yellow (normal) spiral noodles. It was found at potlucks, buffets and also on the average dinner table. Tasty bits such as mozzarella balls, chopped sun-dried tomatoes, olives and Italian dressing are added to the cooked pasta.

what foods were popular in the 1900s

When done right, tiramisu is one of the most wonderful dishes in the world. And it was in 1980s New York that it was catapulted into popularity. Light as air yet seriously decadent, mousse made with mascarpone, sponge, espresso and booze – how could that not catch on?

what foods were popular in the 1900s

It was at this time that Tex-Mex fajitas reached their peak. Strips of beef or chicken cooked with peppers and onions and arranged in soft tortillas with salsa, Cheddar, sour cream and guacamole. It was a favourite to order at restaurants as the dish was brought out on a sizzling hot iron skillet by the waiter.

Growing up in the early 1900s – Meals


What did Americans eat in the 1910s?

The diet of many people tended toward things easily grown and preserved. Salted pork was a mainstay because pigs were easy to raise and the meat kept well. Many dishes featured corn: soaked and turned into hominy, ground and mixed with rye or wheat for bread, or served on the cob in season.

What did 1919 people eat?

But such fine dining in the decade between 1910 and 1919 was the exception rather than the rule. Ordinary people ate food that was far more mundane. Red flannel hash — it’s corned beef hash with extra vegetables — was popular, and so were sandwiches of every variety.

What were popular 19th century foods?

While pork was the most widely eaten meat in the United States in the 19th century and also the most common one found on rural tables, in the cities beef was the most popular fresh meat. Urban Americans also ate considerable chicken and pork (often smoked or salted), and smaller amounts of veal, sheep, and lamb.

What food did they eat in 1920?

Try finger foods like devilled eggs, tea sandwiches, salted nuts, prawn cocktail and canapés. Cakes were also very popular in the 1920s with red velvets, pound cakes and devil cakes popular.

What foods were made in the 1910s?

In addition, says Kraig, the 1910s saw the beginning of the proliferation of processed foods. In a scant 10 years, Hellmann’s mayonnaise, Oreo cookies, Crisco, Quaker Puffed Wheat and Puffed Rice, Marshmallow Fluff and Nathan’s hot dogs took a bow.

What food was popular in the ’60s?

Simple comfort food such as chicken-fried steak, mashed potatoes, meat loaf (again), pot pies, pasta, and chili became the rage. “Anything that was reminiscent of childhood was welcomed,” comments Bronz. A beloved dish at the end of the decade was Risotto Milanese.

What was food like in the ’50s?

Tuna noodle casserole, sloppy joes, frozen fish sticks, Grasshopper Pie and drinks filled with neon-colored umbrellas conspired to make the ’50s the epitome of culinary kitsch. Yet even in this decade of gastronomic debasement a few dishes managed to shine.

How did Americans prepare and eat their meals?

Like much else in America during the first decade of the twentieth century, how Americans prepared and ate their meals was also changing. At the heart of these changes was the movement from preparation of food in the home from scratch, using primitive appliances, to the preparation of prepackaged foods using modern, electric appliances.

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