what does tap the bottle mean

Its done to break the seal of the bottle. There is always a volume of air at the top of the bottle(in the neck region). When you ‘tap’ the bottle at the bottom, the pressure breaks the seal. And then you celebrate the beauty of physics with alcohol.
what does tap the bottle mean

Like most drinking rituals, taking shots comes with its own traditions and customs. One such practice involves tapping the table with one’s glass after toasting with the group and before knocking back the shooter.

But where did the practice come from? And why do we do it? VinePair consulted Kirk Estopinal, partner and bartender at New Orleans’ Cure and Cane & Table, for expert insight.

First and foremost, Estopinal says, tapping the table — like any culturally enforced practice — is often an unconscious act. “We all think we’re very independently minded,” he says. “However, we quickly fall into line with societal norms for the most part — and that’s both positive and negative, depending on what those cultural norms are.”

So, should all shot takers be tapping the table before knocking their drinks back? Not necessarily. But, if your server was kind enough to pour you a complimentary tipple, it’s a nice way of thanking them. Still, Estopinal says, your bartender likely won’t mind if you accidentally forget the appreciative table tap. “I don’t find it offensive,” he says. “We live in a world where you gotta let that sh*t slide. We’ve got enough to be mad about every day.”

But that’s not to say that bargoers only tap the table when they’re given a free shot. Estopinal says that for younger consumers — especially college students — the thunk on the table is just another way to celebrate a happy, albeit rowdy, night. “But as I get older, I guess I’m still doing it,” Estopinal admits.

Why Beer Foams When You Tap The Bottle


Why do people tap the bottle before drinking?

In Ireland, it was believed that liquor contained spirits that might be harmful if consumed, and tapping the glass dispelled those spirits. In drinking contests, tapping your beer could cause the foam to settle, making it easier to finish quickly.

How do you bless the bottle?

One of the simplest ways is to hold your hands over the glass and infuse it with good energy and intent. Some other simple ways: write positive words on your water bottle, say a favorite prayer or blessing over the water, stir the water clockwise with a clear quartz or amethyst point.

What does ‘on tap’ mean?

Here’s a prime example: When you say, ‘I want whatever’s on tap,’ you’re actually referring to what’s ready to be pumped from the keg through tap lines and into a glass. ‘On tap’ basically means it’s ready to be served straight from the keg’s spout. So if you order a beer that’s ‘on tap’ it’ll be draft beer. Get it? They are the same.

What is on Tap Beer?

when you’ve been out at a bar or restaurant. “On tap” refers to beer that comes from a keg rather than a can or bottle. A keg is a large, metal container that’s used to store beer. It’s usually connected to a CO 2 system which provides carbonation and keeps the beer fresh and frothy.

When did YBT release tap the bottle?

” Tap the Bottle ” is a song by American hip hop group Young Black Teenagers. It was released on November 24, 1992, via Sound of Urban Listeners (SOUL)/ MCA Records as the lead single from YBT’s second studio album Dead Enz Kidz Doin’ Lifetime Bidz. Production was handled by Terminator X .

What’s on tap at a bar?

You’ve probably heard someone ask a server or bartender, “What’s on tap?” when you’ve been out at a bar or restaurant. “On tap” refers to beer that comes from a keg rather than a can or bottle. A keg is a large, metal container that’s used to store beer.

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