what does amaretto taste like in coffee

I have grown up children now and grand children. But I remember those days well. It was happy. And it was sad. I was happy my kids were excited about a new shcool year. And I was sad they were growing up.

The first week or two back I would almost dance through the house! No more wet towels thrown on the floor as the kids came in from the sprinkler. No more messes in the kitchen. And then Id suddenly get the urge – to mess up the kitchen – FOR ME!!!

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what does amaretto taste like in coffee

“A traditional after-dinner drink”

what does amaretto taste like in coffee

This amaretto coffee recipe is part of my amaretto drink recipes collection. Although this is one of our basic Italian drinks there is also one thats very similar to this – cafe amaretto. Its amazing how much bliss you can get from one bottle of amaretto!

Amaretto coffee is not the same as an amaretto flavored coffee at a coffee house. First this uses real amaretto – like the alcohol amaretto. The coffee houses like Starbucks uses a gross flavored syrup that is supposed to taste like the Italian liqueur amaretto. Two different things. Syrup – non alcohol playing on the word “amaretto”. And then the real thing a true amaretto coffee that uses the Italian liqueur amaretto.

Traditionally we add a shot to our coffee cup and the hit of cream is optional. Theres no hard fast rule. But from a traditional standpoint – we just dont add sugar.

Now the men have a different way of looking at their after dinner coffee. A lot of times the uncles would want more of a hit than just the amaretto the women were having – and they made what I call a “mans” cafe amaretto . It has these same ingredients, but cognac added.

If youre not familiar with amaretto – see my amaretto recipes collection. You can make several Italian cakes with amaretto, and I have a few Italian cookie recipes that will call for it. And if you totally hate to cook, but LOVE amaretto see JUST my amaretto drink recipes. Ill make sure you get your moneys worth from that bottle!

And if you are just looking to drink – theres a full list of Italian drinks if you scroll below – you will see my photo gallery. Just click on the drink that looks good and it will lead you to the recipe.

Thanks for stopping by and I answered a few questions There many below about amaretto.

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5 Disaronno Amaretto cocktails you need to try.

What does Amaretto coffee taste like?

The amaretto brings a nuttiness and spice to the coffee that’s hard to quantify in words. Topped with frothy whipped cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon, it’s truly to die for. What’s amaretto coffee? No, this is not amaretto flavored coffee. Amaretto coffee is hot coffee spiked with a shot of amaretto liqueur and topped with whipped cream.

How to make Amaretto coffee?

Making Amaretto coffee is simple, just follow the instructions below: 1. Add the ground coffee and hot water into the French press. Put the coffee and hot water into the French press as per my recipe. Place the lid and let it sit for four minutes. 2. Mix amaretto with the brandy (optional).

What is Amaretto coffee made of?

For this amaretto coffee, I used amaretto from Luxardo. Their almond flavor comes from pits of cherries, peaches and apricots. Amaretto is used for cocktails and for culinary purposes like for making tiramisu or adding a few splashes to an affogato .

Can you add amaretto to coffee after dinner?

Amaretto is a nice sweetener for your coffee after dinner. Just add some amaretto to your cup, fill with coffee and top with whipped cream. For proportions, try 1½ ounces of amaretto for every eight ounces of coffee.

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