what do you do if your chili is too runny

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If youre looking for a simple and crowd-pleasing weeknight family meal or a centerpiece to your fall game day menu thats sure to score points then youve got to whip up a big pot of chili! There are so many delicious varieties of chili to make: from veggie chili, chicken, good ole beef and even pumpkin chili! You can make a batch of chili and pile it onto chipotle hot dogs, or even stuff your favorite chili recipe into zucchini boats for dinner. Chili is so versatile, it can easily be made on the stove top, in an Instant Pot, or even in the slow cooker!

If youve ever made a big pot of chili on a cold day then you might have wondered the best way to thicken it up if its looking a bit too soupy. The good news is there are lots of easy ways to thicken up your chili with ingredients you likely already have in your pantry— flour, cornmeal, pureed beans, cornstarch, or even crushed tortilla chips will help do the job, along with some good old extra simmering time. Read on for some tips on how to thicken chili.

How to Thicken ChiliSimmer down. … Stir in some finely ground cornmeal or masa harina. … Mix in a scoop of cornstarch, all-purpose flour, or oats. … Pile on the vegetables. … Try more tomato paste. … Mash some beans. … Crumble up some corn chips.

  1. Simmer down. …
  2. Stir in some finely ground cornmeal or masa harina. …
  3. Mix in a scoop of cornstarch, all-purpose flour, or oats. …
  4. Pile on the vegetables. …
  5. Try more tomato paste. …
  6. Mash some beans. …
  7. Crumble up some corn chips.

what do you do if your chili is too runny

How do you thicken chili?

The key to a thick chili is to not start with too much liquid. The less liquid you have to start with, the less you will have to mess with the chili later to thicken it up.

If you do end up with a chili that is too soupy though there are a few easy fixes: Ree Drummonds favorite is to use some masa harina, which gives the chili a nice corn flavor and texture (try it in Rees chipotle chicken chili).

Bob’s Red Mill Organic Masa Harina Golden Corn Flour

If you dont have masa harina on hand you can use flour, cornmeal, cornstarch, or puree a can of beans.

Just start with a tablespoon of the flour, cornmeal, masa harina, or cornstarch whisked with a little water, add to your chili and simmer 10 more minutes or so. If it isnt as thick as youd like, repeat and simmer 10 more minutes. If youre using pureed beans, puree a cup of cooked beans (or canned), then stir into the chili and continue simmering uncovered for 15 minutes.

What do I do if my chili is too watery?


Can you add water to chili to make it thinner?

Skim any excess fat off the surface of the chili. (There will be quite a bit; don’t worry about getting all of it, as it adds flavor.) Stir in the lime juice, then taste and adjust seasoning, if necessary. For a thinner chili, you can add a bit of water.

How do you loosen thick chili?

When your chili is too thick, it’s easy to thin it out a bit. Just add some liquid. You can add beef, chicken, or veggie broth, or you can add a can of tomato sauce. You could add water, too, but it will dilute the flavor of the chili.

Does chili thicken overnight?

The little bit of extra time allows flavor to soak into the meat, while the mixture develops a thicker, more sumptuous texture. There’s some quick science going on here: Aromatics like onions, garlic, chiles, and spices release their volatile oils as they cook, and while they cool they continue to release.

How do you fix thick chili without ruining it?

Use one of several ways to remedy thick chili without ruining the flavor of your dish. If you’ve made enough chili for more than one meal, it is even more important to avoid pasty chili because it typically thickens over time. If you have extra juice from canned tomatoes or beans, that may be enough to remedy the problem.

Does chili powder cause gas?

Chili powder may cause gas, digestive upset, heartburn and stomach pains if taken in excess amounts. It can also cause the mucus membranes to swell, and therefore should be consumed with caution.

How do you thicken a runny chili?

If your chili is thin, try one of these tips for turning your runny chili into a thick, flavorful dish: 1. Simmer it longer: The simplest way to thicken your chili is to cook off the remaining liquid.

Can I add more slurry if chili is too thin?

You can always add another round of slurry if the chili is still too thin. You can never go wrong with additional vegetables, such as potatoes, carrots, or mushrooms. In addition to making your chili recipe chunkier and heartier, the vegetables will release starches as they cook, helping thicken the liquid.

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