what can you substitute for luau leaf

Luau Stew is a traditional Hawaiian dish made by cooking fresh luau leaves (which come from the taro plant). Eat it with rice or poi! You can find luau stew plain/vegetarian, with squid, chicken, beef, or pork.

Taro Leaves (Luau Leaves) need to be purchased fresh and can be found at local Asian specialty markets. If unable to find locally, Swiss Chard, Beet Greens, Collard Greens, or large spinach leaves can be substituted.
what can you substitute for luau leaf

Squid Luau, Chicken Luau, and Beef Luau

Basic luau stew has no meat, but you often find luau stew with squid, chicken, or beef!

The protein is first browned (usually with onions, salt and pepper), braised, and then shredded or chopped into smaller pieces. Its then mixed in with the luau leaves (mix it in when the luau leaves are almost done cooking). Adding the protein gives the stew more heft and flavor.

You should try “plain” luau stew first, and then branch out to the other ones. Pork luau stew is my favorite of the meat options.

How To Pronounce Luau Stew

Luau is a Hawaiian word. You need pronounce each syllable for Hawaiian words. There are two syllables in luau:

  • lou (like the “lou” in “louis”)
  • ow (like “ow, I bumped my arm!”)

Stew is just English So, lou-ow stew!

Youll see both spellings on menus in Hawaii. Traditional Hawaiian restaurants likely spell it luau (which is the Hawaiian spelling). Other places spell it luau (which is the local/English version). They both refer to the same dish.

Squid luau at Helenas Hawaiian Food (Oahu)

Crock-Pot LauLau: Super easy alternative when you don’t have taro leaves


What do luau leaves taste like?

Meanwhile, the taro leaves, known as luau, were steamed and consumed. The taste of taro leaves is similar to other leafy greens like spinach or chard. The leaves were also sometimes used to hold water and food.

What is a substitute for salted butterfish?

If salted butterfish is unavailable, use fresh butterfish and add 1/2 teaspoon Hawaiian salt to each laulau. For more flavor, add a chunk of pork fat to each laulau. A small chicken thigh with the skin intact, or chunks of beef may be used as a substitute for pork, if desired.

Do you eat the leaves in lau lau?

There are two types of leaves used in lau lau. The inside leave is a taro leaf (pictured on the right). Your goodies get wrapped in the taro leaves (which you eat), then that little packet is wrapped up in a ti leaf (cordyline fruticosa ), which you do not eat.

What can you do with taro leaves?

Colocasia/Taro leaves or Arbi Ke Patte can be made into a delicious dish. You can either eat it as crispy and crunchy fritters or dress it up as a rich gravy.

Where can I buy luau leaf?

Luau leaf can be purchased at many local supermarkets including Foodland and Safeway. Chopped luau (taro) leaves to be used for making luau stew! Luau leaf is super delicious, soaks up a ton of flavor, and is one of my favorite things to eat.

Are there any substitutes for bay leaf?

When you’re out of bay leaves or need a substitute for another reason, there are a few options to choose from. Dried thyme could be a could sub because it has a similar flavor to bay leaf, even though it looks a lot different. Basil can also be a good substitute, but the flavor isn’t as close to bay leaf. The last common ingredient that might be in your pantry is oregano. There are other options for substitutes, but they are not commonly used, making them a poor substitute.

What is luau leaf used for?

Luau leaf is used to make luau stew and lau lau . Fresh ti leaves. The ti leaf comes from the ti plant (this plant is called ki in Hawaiian). The plant ranges from 3-8 feet tall. The leaves from the plant (which is the ti leaf) is the part that we use for cooking. These leaves are 3-5 inches wide and 1-2 feet long.

What is the difference between ti leaf and luau leaf?

People often confuse Ti Leaf and Luau Leaf (the two essential leaves of Hawaiian food). Here’s the difference between the two, and when/how to use each leaf. Preparing a lau lau bundle with luau (taro) leaves. They’re both big and green, and key for preparing Hawaiian food. Lau lau bundle already wrapped with the luau leaf.

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