what are plastic egg crates used for

When I tell people I sell egg cartons for a living they usually assume that I’m an expert on farming or eggs. While I’ve learned quite a bit about both since starting at EggCartons.com, I’ve learned even more about several other unrelated industries like cricket farming, baking, precision manufacturing, and sound proofing. This is because egg cartons are not just for eggs.

Egg cartons are one of the most versatile products on the planet. They can be used for anything that requires protection or separation and much more. To give an idea of just how versatile egg cartons are, I’ve compiled a list of 50 things our customers use egg cartons for OTHER than eggs.

World Renowned Chef Alton Brown, “shared a hack about baking homemade meatballs in an empty egg carton. The egg carton helps to soak up some of the fat and ensure that the meatballs are perfectly round!…Once they are baked in the carton they are moist on the inside and crispy on the outside.” Want to try this for yourself? Check out Season and Thymes recipe for Egg Carton Meatballs!

Use your empty egg cartons as organizers for garage items such as nuts, bolts and screws, or craft items such as buttons, threads, beads and pastels.
what are plastic egg crates used for

Sound Proofing

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3 Manufacturing (Parts For Medical Devices, Airplanes, Space Shuttles, and Cars)


Why I Don’t Use “Egg Crate” Plastic To Cover My Tanks


What are egg crates used for?

For those who have never been to a farm or dairy, Egg Crates are named after the cardboard grid that farmers would place in a box to keep eggs separate from each other as they were transported to market. On lighting fixtures, they help to control the spill of a soft source by limiting where it can go.

Why use plastic egg cartons?

Usually it’s just a simple case of convenience. The storage containers that are made of Tupperware or other polycarbonate material are washable, easily sanitized and often lidded so that other items can be placed safely on top of the eggs while avoiding broken and cracked shells.

What is the point of an egg container?

With the egg holder, you can draw as many eggs as you need from the fridge without cutting the store-bought container in half or overpaying for a small 6-pack of eggs from the store. This is especially helpful if you buy eggs in bulk and otherwise have no way of transporting them in your cooler.

What are the different types of egg crates?

Our most popular categories of crates are the following: Quail Egg Trays, Chicken Egg Trays, and Machine Shop Trays. Why buy egg flats & trays from EggCartons.com? We sell the widest variety of egg flats and trays in bulk quantities at wholesale pricing.

What are plastic egg trays used for?

Our plastic egg trays are commonly used for small CNC parts, greasy parts, screws, and bearings. Sorting, storing, and shipping items that need protection and separation are what our egg flats and trays do best. All of our egg trays are available in small or bulk quantities!

What are plastic crates?

Plastic crates are often found in general storage in places such as warehousing facilities to organize, store, and transport goods. They are made with handles for easy lifting and handling and are designed so that they can be stacked or nested for easy storage and maximize storage in warehouses.

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