is honey good on pizza

They will all benefit from the flavor boost honey will add to the pie. Drizzle honey on a hot pizza fresh from the oven, or right out of the box, if delivered. The heat of the pizza will warm the honey as it mingles with the sauce and toppings. Drizzle a bit more before eating if needed.
is honey good on pizza

What Pizza Toppings Pair Well With Honey

If youre curious about what toppings pair well with honey on pizza, read on! Well share some of our favorite pizza toppings, plus a few ideas for pairing honey with other types of pizza. Honey is an excellent addition to cheese pizza.

But you can dress it up in even more exciting ways than we can describe here! Using honey on pizza is simple and delicious, and youll indeed find that youll want to try it again.

Is Honey Good With Pizza?

When deciding whether or not to add honey to your pizza, consider the ingredients youre using. Most pizza toppings and sauces contain sugar, but adding honey can help bring out the flavors of other ingredients and give the entire pizza a new dimension.

Honey tastes nutty, floral, spicy, buttery, and tangy and can complement a variety of flavors. While honey isnt the most versatile food topping, it can enhance the flavor of other ingredients in a pizza.

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Do you put honey on pizza?

Honey and pizza are perfect partners for each other, and this combination is one of the most delicious pizza combinations on earth! Honey-based pizzas are simultaneously sweet and salty, and the mixture will surely delight your palate.

Does honey work on pizza?

But while many modern pizza restaurants have taken inspiration from iconic New York pizzeria Roberta’s to feature a sweet and spicy “bee sting” pizza, in which a few teaspoons of honey are fashionably drizzled atop the crust and pepperoni, adding honey directly to your pizza dough ala Wolfgang Puck is the real magic

What state puts honey on pizza?

It’s true! For decades, Beau Jo’s Colorado Style Pizza has been dedicated to purchasing honey from local Colorado honey farms as we believe it’s Mother Nature’s perfect natural sweetener for our legendary crust.

Why do people put hot honey on pizza?

There are so many contrasting and complementary flavors with the strong gorgonzola, mild mozzarella, spicy soppressata, salty prosciutto, and sharp onion. But the real star is obviously the hot honey! Drizzled over the top (and built into the dough), its sweet heat really does tie all the flavors together.

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