how should i dress for a bar job

In cocktail bars, looks matter. From the style of your glasses to the stools that sit by your bar, everything is well thought out and ready to impress! So, it should come as no surprise that the style of a bartender is crucial. Whilst you don’t need to look like James Bond, you do need to dress in a certain way to suit the aesthetic of your bar.

If you didn’t know that bartenders have a style or need some information on how to dress for cocktail making, here’s everything you need to know!

When it comes to bartending, your attire should not only look good but also be practical and functional. Opt for a bartender outfit that allows you to move freely and comfortably while maintaining a professional appearance. Consider wearing a tailored shirt or blouse paired with well-fitted pants or skirts.
how should i dress for a bar job

Establishments make it pretty simple to dress appropriately for a bartender interview. On a day other than when youre scheduled to meet the hiring manager, visit as a patron and learn from what you see. If employees wear a bartender uniform, simulate it as best as you can with similar colors and styles. In fact, you may even want to take it one step nicer, according to

Black pressed pants work as well for the guys as they do for the gals, but men should stick with more muted shirt colors like white, gray, blue or subtle pinstripes. Refrain from choosing a collar thats either too wide or too skinny and be sure the shirt is not so loose-fitting that it hangs over your belt when tucked. A tie is optional if the establishments dress code is unknown but, should be worn if it is part of the existing uniform. Choose flat, black, unadorned shoes to complete the look.

The job interview process, which can be tricky to maneuver under the best of circumstances, begins the moment you walk through the door. Because tending bar is often considered a casual position, applicants can make the mistake of choosing attire thats too informal or too extravagant. Dress the part by choosing appropriate clothes that make the right impression, and youll set the tone for a more successful interview.

Inappropriate attire can throw the interview before the first question is ever asked, so its important to pay attention to the details. First and foremost, always cover tattoos and remove piercings other than subtle earrings. Womens jewelry should be subdued and sparse, such as a simple necklace and short-hanging earrings. Health hazards are many behind the bar, and employers may consider hanging bangles an accident waiting to happen.

Proper grooming is a critical component for making a good physical impression, according to the website American Bartenders School, so be sure your fingernails are manicured or just trimmed and clean. Mens hair, both facial and on the head, should be short and neat, while womens hair is best in an up style or down but not hanging in the face. Use a very light hand when applying perfume or after shave.

Sharp & Dapper Shirt Stays

Have you ever wondered how a bartender’s shirt stays so neatly tucked in whilst they’re mixing cocktails? Even when throwing the shaker up in the air, the shirt never breaks free of their trousers! The trade secret here is Shirt Stays. These are super handy clips that are worn beneath your trousers and attach to the bottom of your shirt and your socks, keeping everything neatly in place.

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What do you wear to work in a bar?

Dark Shirts A black shirt, whether long or short-sleeved, is a popular and versatile choice for bartenders. Many bartenders prefer to wear all-black attire, making a collection of black shirts essential.

What do people who work at bars wear?

For example, a shirt with dark jeans or chinos would be appropriate for most bars. A classic collared shirt is always a good choice. Collared shirts have been part of the professional dress code for many years, and they are a classic element of any great bartender uniform.

How should I dress for a bar interview?

A good rule of thumb is smart casual. When worn correctly, a smart casual outfit can be appropriate for “casual,” “business casual,” and even some “dressed up” settings while still making a statement. You’ll appear professional during a laid-back bar night.

Is there a dress code for bar?

Smart Casual or Dressy: Many clubs and bars have a smart casual dress code, which typically means dressing in a stylish and put-together manner. This can include well-fitted jeans or trousers paired with a fashionable top or blouse for women, and tailored pants or dark jeans with a collared shirt or stylish t-s.

What to wear to a bar interview?

Good luck finding your bar interview attire! Tip 1 – Black dress pants. Not too long, Not too low on the hips. Tip 2 – A dress top in a good colour. Not too low cut. Tip 3 – Flat shoes. Preferably black. Tip 4 – Simple jewellery. Tip 5 – Cover tattoos. Tip 1 – Black dress pants.

What should a bartender wear?

A button-down shirt or blouse is a great option for bartenders. This type of shirt is professional and stylish. It can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion. Pair your shirt with a nice pair of pants or skirts. Khakis, black pants, and dark wash jeans are all good choices. Avoid wearing shorts, as they are not appropriate for this job.

How do you dress for a bartender interview?

Dress the part by choosing appropriate clothes that make the right impression, and you’ll set the tone for a more successful interview. Establishments make it pretty simple to dress appropriately for a bartender interview. On a day other than when you’re scheduled to meet the hiring manager, visit as a patron and learn from what you see.

What to wear to a bar?

Wear flat shoes and very little jewellery. The bar owners will only look at you as a safety hazard with 5 -inch heels and bangles hanging loosely, ready to snag at anything. Behind the bar can be a dangerous place. Try to look like your ready to work. For the Gentlemen, Black dress pants are your best option.

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