how old is my griswold dutch oven

Do you have a Griswold cast iron skillet and want to know its age or how to identify it using Logos? In this article, you can learn to date and recognize your Griswold cast iron using markings and logos.

I will focus on the dates and logos for collectible cast iron skillets manufactured by Selden & Griswold and Griswold Manufacturing Company between 1873 and 1957.

how old is my griswold dutch oven

Griswold Slant Logo With E.P.U. And Heat Ring

The Griswold slant trademark changed to add the words cast iron skillet in an arc at 12 o’clock on the skillet. The E.P.U. refers to the wording Erie PA., U.S.A., on the skillet.

The slant logo, however, remained the same. Again, I cannot pinpoint the exact date of manufacture of the Griswold slant logo with E.P.U. If you have a Griswold slant logo with E.P.U., the manufacture date is around 1909-1929.

how old is my griswold dutch oven

how old is my griswold dutch oven

Changes Griswold Made On Their Slant Logo Skillets.

  • The size number on the base of the skillet moved from the 6 o’clock to 12 o’clock position.
  • The word Erie is below the Griswold logo. The early Erie skillets have the marking at 12 o’clock.
  • The pattern number moved from the center of the skillet to 6 o’clock on the skillet to make room for the Griswold circle cross logo.

how old is my griswold dutch oven

Griswold Logos and Dates


How can you tell how old a Griswold cast iron pan is?

Some of the oldest and most sought after Griswold skillets simply have the city name Erie listed on the bottom, without an accompanying manufacturer name. If you have a Griswold skillet stamped Erie, that means that Griswold manufactured it between 1865 and 1909.

How do you identify a Griswold Dutch oven?

Griswold pieces like skillets and dutch ovens are inscribed with their size number and a pattern number. Other Griswold pieces like gem and muffin pans have both an item number and a pattern number inscribed in them. The Griswold pattern number is then appended with a letter unique to each working pattern.

When did they stop making Griswold cast iron?

Griswold Manufacturing (/ˈɡrɪzwɔːld, -wəld/) was an American manufacturer of cast-iron kitchen products founded in Erie, Pennsylvania, in business from 1865 through 1957.

What does the number on the bottom of cast iron mean?

Oftentimes, the letters and numbers you’ll find on the bottom of a vintage pan denote a pattern number or correspond to a particular cooking surface on a stove the pan might’ve been sold with, and unusual notches could be a maker’s mark incorporated into the piece to identify the actual person who crafted it.

When did Griswold iron cast cookware come out?

It was characteristic of Griswold iron cast cookware made in the period from 1939 to 1957. Apart from logos, the Griswold iron cast pans and cooking items changed markings over time. Many experts and collectors agreed that they were not essential as they were part of the factory’s molds.

Where did Griswold cookware come from?

Sizing of Griswold Cast Iron Cooking Items. The origin of Griswold cookware dates back to 1865 when the Selden and Griswold families from Pennsylvania transformed a small family-run factory into a new business. The founders were Matthew Griswold and his cousins J.C and Samuel Selden. In the beginning, they made door hinges.

Does Griswold make cast iron?

Griswold made another lower-priced range of cast iron known as Iron Mountain. Unlike other cookware made by Griswold Manufacturing, the Iron Mountain range does not have a logo or trademark on the ironware. Without any markings, it is harder for non-collectors to identify the skillets.

What do the numbers on Griswold cast iron cookware mean?

You can see different numbers on Griswold cast iron cookware. They represent various measures. The ones you can find on the handles show the size of the pot’s bottom diameter. Keep in mind that people used wood stoves with openings mainly made for this cookware. Therefore, the diameter is a measure of these openings.

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