How Many People Does a Whole Filet of Beef Feed?

A whole beef tenderloin is a show-stopping centerpiece for any special occasion, but figuring out how much to buy can be tricky. This guide will help you determine the right amount of beef tenderloin for your needs, ensuring you have enough to feed your guests without any leftovers.

How Much Beef Tenderloin Per Person?

As a general rule of thumb, plan on 8 ounces (1/2 pound) of raw beef tenderloin per person. This takes into account the weight loss during trimming and cooking, and ensures everyone gets a satisfying portion.

However, if you’re serving a hearty meal with multiple sides, you can adjust the amount slightly. For a lighter meal, 6 ounces per person might be sufficient.

Here’s a handy table to help you estimate the amount of beef tenderloin you need based on the number of guests:

Number of Guests Total Weight of Beef Tenderloin
4-6 1 1/2 – 2 pounds
8-10 2 1/2 – 3 pounds
12-14 3 1/2 – 4 pounds

Remember: These are just estimates, and you may need to adjust the amount depending on your guests’ appetites and the other dishes you’re serving.

Understanding the Different Cuts of Beef Tenderloin

Whole beef tenderloins are typically divided into three sections:

  • Head: This end is often removed and used for steaks or carpaccio due to its irregular shape.
  • Center: This is the most evenly shaped section, ideal for roasting whole for smaller gatherings.
  • Tail: This end is slightly larger and tapers at the end. It’s best for larger dinner parties, as it requires tying to ensure even cooking.

When purchasing a whole tenderloin, consider the size of your gathering and choose the appropriate cut. For smaller groups, a center-cut tenderloin is a good choice. For larger parties, a tail-end tenderloin with its even thickness is ideal.

Buying Tips: Trimmed vs. Untrimmed

Beef tenderloin is available in both trimmed and untrimmed versions. Trimmed tenderloin has the fat and silverskin removed, making it easier to cook. However, it typically costs more than untrimmed tenderloin.

Untrimmed tenderloin requires some trimming before cooking, but it’s often more affordable. If you’re comfortable using a filet knife, you can save some money by purchasing untrimmed tenderloin and trimming it yourself.

Choosing the right amount of beef tenderloin for your gathering doesn’t have to be a guessing game. By following these tips, you can ensure you have enough to feed your guests without any waste. Remember to consider the number of guests, the other dishes you’re serving, and the different cuts of beef tenderloin available. With a little planning, you can confidently purchase the perfect amount of this delicious and celebratory cut of meat.

Important tips for cooking beef tenderloin

  • Before cooking, remove the beef from the refrigerator and let it sit covered on the counter for one or two hours. This facilitates the meat’s approach to room temperature, thereby enhancing its uniform cooking. Meat that is not completely cooked in the center will not bake in the oven.
  • Season well. A tenderloin is a thick cut of meat with a low fat content. A good pinch of salt and pepper will enhance the flavor of each slice. Pat it on to make sure it sticks.
  • Before you place the meat inside, make sure your oven is preheated and hot. First, sear it, and then reduce the heat to complete cooking.
  • Don’t rely just on timing to determine the right temperature; use an oven thermometer. See temperature chart below for exact temps.
  • Before slicing, let the meat rest for ten minutes with the foil loosely tucked in to allow the juices to seep back into the meat.

how many does a whole fillet of beef feed

How to buy a beef tenderloin

Tenderloins are available at Costco and many other butcher shops. If you shop at a typical supermarket, you should place an order for one from the meat counter in advance.

You should buy a whole tenderloin for your holiday feast, as it will serve 8–10 people. Allow at least 1/2 pound per person in your calculation. For more people you can cook multiple tenderloins. You can buy a smaller piece and have the butcher cut it down for you to enjoy as a family meal.

Be sure to ask for your meat trimmed and tied. Any tough “silverskin” and extra fat are removed by trimming, and tying ensures that the meat is the same thickness throughout for even cooking.

how many does a whole fillet of beef feed

Cut your own filet mignon! Step by step Chef David will show you how!


How many people does a whole filet feed?

The tenderloin itself, once trimmed and cooked, serves about 2-3 people per pound as part of a larger meal, so often anywhere from 12-16 people for a whole one.

How many does a fillet of beef feed?

A whole fillet of beef will weigh around 1.80-2.00kg and can serve 8+ people. Fillet Steak is classed as the best, it is not only the most expensive steak on offer, but it is also the most expensive cut on the animal.

How much beef fillet for 10 adults?

Boneless Meat
Number of People
Bone in meat
3lb / 1.36kg
6 – 7
4lb / 1.82kg
4lb / 1.82kg
8 – 9
6lb / 2.73kg
5lb / 2.27kg
10 – 11
7lb / 3.18kg
6lb / 2.73kg
12 – 13
8lb / 3.64kg

What size beef tenderloin for 10 adults?

In general, I recommend 8 ounces of beef tenderloin per person. This is the raw, uncooked weight of the beef and is a nice portion size for most adults.

How much beef do you eat per person?

Since beef tenderloin is a relatively lean, boneless cut of beef and tends to be quite expensive, you can easily cut down that recommendation to 6 ounces of beef per person, especially if your dinner menu includes a few hearty sides. For feeding four to six guests, you’ll want a roast between 1 1/2 to 2 pounds.

How many servings of lean meats should one have per day?

Ideally, each person consumes between 300 and 500 g of meat per week, which means a very small steak per day. This includes red and white meats such as chicken and fish, although they are less fatty.

How much meat do you need for 6 people?

So if you’re feeding 6 people, you’ll need three pounds of meat. For a larger crowd, say 12 people, you’ll need closer to 6 pounds of meat. If 8 ounces of meat per person seems like a lot, remember that the meat does shrink a little when cooking, which this measurement takes into account.

What is a typical serving size of meat?

Although the USDA recommended portion size of meat at a meal is 3 ounces, the typical serving size of meat in catering is between 4 to 6 ounces. When meat is the main feature of a meal, such as steak or chicken breast, the serving size increases to 6 to 8 ounces per serving.

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