How Long Does it Take for Juice to Freeze into a Popsicle?

Making homemade popsicles is a fun and healthy way to beat the summer heat. But how long does it take for juice to freeze into a popsicle? The answer depends on a few factors, including the type of juice, the size of the mold, and the temperature of your freezer.

Here’s a general guideline:

  • Small molds (2-3 ounces): 4-6 hours
  • Medium molds (4-6 ounces): 6-8 hours
  • Large molds (8-10 ounces): 8-10 hours

Tips for faster freezing:

  • Use a cold freezer: Set your freezer to the coldest setting.
  • Use cold juice: If your juice is already cold, it will freeze faster.
  • Use small molds: Smaller molds have less surface area, so they freeze faster.
  • Add a pinch of salt: Salt lowers the freezing point of water, so it can help your popsicles freeze faster.

How to tell if your popsicles are frozen:

  • The popsicles should be solid all the way through.
  • The popsicles should be easy to remove from the mold.
  • If you’re not sure, you can always give them a little taste test.

Additional tips for making homemade popsicles:

  • Use high-quality juice. The better the quality of the juice, the better the taste of your popsicles.
  • Get creative with flavors. You can add fruit, herbs, spices, or even yogurt to your juice to create unique and delicious popsicles.
  • Use popsicle molds that are easy to clean. This will make cleanup a breeze.
  • Have fun! Making homemade popsicles is a fun activity for the whole family.

Here are some additional resources that you may find helpful:

  • My Fussy Eater: This website has a great recipe for fruit juice ice pops.
  • Ocean Spray: This website has a recipe for Fruit Juice Frozen Pops.
  • Allrecipes: This website has a variety of popsicle recipes.

Here are some additional things to keep in mind:

  • The freezing time may vary depending on the specific type of juice you use.
  • If you are using a mold with a lid, make sure to leave a small amount of space at the top of the mold so that the popsicles have room to expand as they freeze.
  • Once your popsicles are frozen, you can store them in the freezer for up to 2 months.

Enjoy your homemade popsicles!

⭐ Why this recipe is so good

Perfectly sweet. The elderflower cordial and apple juice combine to create a flavorful and sweet but not overly saccharine combination.

A healthy snack. Because there aren’t any extra sugar or additives, the popsicles are fairly healthful. Extra so in the event that you decide to press your own apple juice

Family friendly. Suitable for kids and adults alike!

how long does it take for juice to freeze into a popsicle

The recipe card below has all the ingredients and their amounts.

You’ll need the following ingredients to make these apple juice popsicles, known as ice lollies in the UK:

  • Naturally, you can use freshly squeezed apple juice from your own fruit, but store-bought juice also works well.
  • Although it’s not required, elderflower cordial adds a lovely floral note to the juice.
  • Apple slices: Instead of using green apples for the popsicles, I recommend using red apples or a sweeter variety.

Recipe tips and notes

  • Stir the juice mixture well. Before pouring the juice into your popsicle molds, make sure the juice and cordial are thoroughly combined.
  • Add the stick once almost solidified. You want to add the stick, depending on the type of mold you have, right before the popsicle has solidified to prevent it from sinking (or going wonky, like in my photos here, whoops). ).
  • Leave to freeze for at least six hours. To make sure they are frozen solid, I usually find that leaving them overnight is preferable, but six hours usually works too.

Freshly Frozen Cold Pressed Juice – Preserving Raw Juice


How do you make popsicles freeze faster?

Placing homemade popsicles in the back of a freezer will help increase freezing speed and therefore decrease freezing time. Popsicle molds: Store bought popsicle molds made of silicone work best.

How long does it take for a popsicle to be ready?

After blending the strawberry popsicle mixture or any of the fruit popsicle mixtures below, pour them into a popsicle mold and place the mold in the freezer for at least four hours. After freezing for at least four hours, the strawberry popsicles are ready. They are so refreshing and delicious!

How do you make juice popsicles softer?

Adjust the Sugar Content: Sugar plays a role in the texture of popsicles. Adding a higher sugar content can make them softer by lowering the freezing point. Experiment with reducing the amount of sugar in your popsicle mixture to achieve a softer consistency.

Why won t my popsicles freeze?

Your freezer is set at too high a temperature, probably just below the freezing point. Pure water freezes at 32°F/0°C so your meats and vegetables are freezing just fine, however adding sugar and/or salt to water reduces the freezing point. A 30% sugar solution freezes at around 28.5°F, salt water is about the same.

How long do popsicles take to freeze?

Freezing time for popsicles can vary depending on several factors, such as the temperature of your freezer, the size and composition of the popsicle, and the water content. In general, it takes around 2 hours to freeze an average popsicle. Homemade popsicles with higher water content may take anywhere from 4 to 8 hours to freeze.

Does pickle juice need to be refrigerated?

Pickle juice does not need to be refrigerated, but most people find that the drink tastes much better chilled than at room temperature. It must be stored away from excessive heat in a cool, dry place. Pickle juice remains safe and stable at room temperature as long as it is still sealed. Once unsealed, you will need to refrigerate it.

Can you freeze fruit based popsicles?

If you’re making fruit puree-based popsicles that contain added sugars, they will take longer to freeze due to the higher sugar content. Thicker popsicles will also take longer to freeze compared to thinner ones. It’s important to ensure that your popsicle mold is filled completely without any air pockets for an even freeze.

How long does Juice take to freeze?

If the juice is already quite thick, it may freeze faster than a thinner juice. Adding sugar or other sweeteners to the juice can also affect its freezing time. Generally, the freezing time for juice can range from 2-24 hours, depending on these factors. Another important consideration is the container in which you freeze the juice.

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