how do you use a pampered chef steamer basket

Fill the Deluxe Multi Cooker or Quick Cooker with 1 cup (250 mL) water. Lower the basket(s) into the Quick Cooker. Lock the lid, select the STEAM setting, and adjust time.
how do you use a pampered chef steamer basket

How to Use the Pampered Chef Micro-Cooker


How do you steam with Pampered Chef?

Place the food in an even layer over the bottom of the steamer and position the steamer over the top of the pan. Cover the steamer with the lid and reduce the heat so that the water continues to boil and begin timing. Steam for the recommended time given in the chart or until the vegetables are crisp tender.

How do you use Pampered Chef microwave steamer pasta?

Put the desired amount of pasta in the 3-qt. (3-L) Micro-Cooker® Plus, and add enough water to cover the pasta plus a little more. Microwave for 5 minutes, stir to keep it from sticking together, then cook for 5 more minutes. Once done, add butter, cheese, and/or your favorite sauce.

How do you cook in a steamer basket?

Set the steamer basket into the saucepan and place the food inside. Once the water is boiling, rest the steamer basket in the saucepan, making sure that the water stays below the basket. Add the food that you want to steam to the bottom of the basket.

Can you use a steamer basket in a pressure cooker?

The Quick Cooker Steamer Baskets are only to be used in Pampered Chef’s Deluxe Multi Cooker or Quick Cooker. Do not use in other pressure cookers. Do not use if the product or the Deluxe Multi Cooker or Quick Cooker are damaged. The Steamer Baskets and their contents can cause serious burns if handled improperly.

How long do you steam food in a steamer basket?

Cover the top of the steamer basket with the lid. If the bottom layer of food is underwater, pour out some of the water before placing the basket into the pan. Let your food steam until it’s cooked to your liking. How long you steam the food depends on the type that you’re cooking.

What is a steamer basket?

Compared to something like a sieve or strainer, a designated steamer basket holds food in a single layer, ensuring that every morsel cooks through evenly. To set up your steamer system, fill a pot with about an inch or two of water, making sure that there’s plenty of space between the water and the steamer basket.

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