how do you store a keurig when not in use

Single-serve capsule brewers, like Keurig, are hugely popular among busy coffee lovers for their convenience and ease of use. Overall, these machines are equally easy to maintain.

When it comes to draining all of the water from your Keurig, however, things can get a little more complicated.

If you need to store your brewer, empty the removable Water Reservoir and store your brewer in a safe and frost-free environment. Please be sure to store your brewer in its upright position to avoid water leakage from the inner tank.
how do you store a keurig when not in use

Internal and External Water Tanks

Many of these coffee machines make use of both an external water tank and an internal water reservoir, keeping water primed within the machine for the next cup of joe.

This is no problem if your Keurig is being used regularly because new water cycles through with each cup of coffee brewed.

However, it’s not a good idea to leave any water in the internal tanks if you plan to store your Keurig – it’s a breeding ground for mold and bacteria – and, if you store the Keurig in a cold environment like a garage, the water can freeze and damage the machine.

It’s also wise to drain your Keurig completely if you plan to transport the machine, in order to reduce the risk of spillage.

How To Drain a Keurig Classic (The Simple Way!)

Try this simple method first!

  • Your Keurig Classic
  • A mug or cup

Draining My Keurig Internal Reservoir After 10 Other Videos Failed!


Should a Keurig be unplugged when not in use?

It is generally safe to leave your Keurig coffee maker plugged in when not in use. However, if you have concerns about power consumption or if you prefer to be cautious with your electrical devices, unplugging it can be a good practice.

Is it OK to leave water in a Keurig all the time?

Overnight or even for a couple of days is fine, but you definitely don’t want to leave water in your Keurig for a week or longer (via Roasty Coffee). Keeping water in your Keurig for too long can allow for the growth of mold and bacteria, as well as limescale.

How do you clean a Keurig that hasn’t been used in a while?

If the coffee maker has been in storage, or hasn’t been used in days, run a cleansing brew before brewing your beverage. Periodically hand-wash the water reservoir and lid and drip tray with warm soapy water and rinse clean. CAUTION: Parts are not dishwasher safe.

How do you store a Keurig?

One big thing to keep in mind is that you should store a Keurig in a cool, dry place — where it won’t freeze. With some models, you won’t be able to fully drain the water, so it’s important to take care of the interior tubes and water tanks.

How to empty a Keurig machine?

1- First completely empty the water reservoir of your Keurig machine 2- Find the floating disc at the reservoir’s base. Take your hand inside the water tank and raise the disc to the top position. This will trick the machine into believing that the water reservoir is full.

Do you need to empty a Keurig water tank?

When switching water types, like bottled or different water, it’s important to completely empty the Keurig internal tank. This will help to prevent potential minerals or contaminants from the old water source from affecting the taste of your coffee. Also read: Best water for Keurig coffee machines Cleaning and Maintenance

Do you need to drain a Keurig?

If you are going to travel and you plan to take your Keurig with you, then it is important to drain out the water tank. Draining the water tank is also important if you are packing the machine for a move, if you are shipping the machine, or if you are going to store it for a long time. To drain a Keurig, you’ll need to own a Keurig.

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