Clorox Precision-Pour Bleach Gel: A Beloved Laundry Product Discontinued

The Clorox Precision-Pour Bleach Gel for laundry, a beloved product that offered a convenient and mess-free way to add bleach to laundry loads, has unfortunately been discontinued by the manufacturer as of October 1, 2018. This news has come as a disappointment to many consumers who appreciated the product’s unique design and effectiveness.

Reasons for Discontinuation

The reasons behind Clorox’s decision to discontinue the Precision-Pour Bleach Gel are not publicly known. However, it is possible that factors such as declining sales, changes in consumer preferences, or production challenges may have played a role.

Alternatives to the Precision-Pour Bleach Gel

While the Clorox Precision-Pour Bleach Gel is no longer available, several alternative products offer similar functionality. These include:

  • Clorox Splash-Less Bleach: This bleach comes in a bottle with a spout designed to minimize splashing and spills.
  • Clorox Regular Bleach: This is the classic Clorox bleach, available in a variety of sizes and concentrations.
  • Other brands of bleach gel: Several other brands, such as Arm & Hammer and OxiClean, offer bleach gels that may be comparable to the Clorox Precision-Pour Bleach Gel.

Tips for Using Regular Bleach Safely and Effectively

When using regular bleach, it is essential to follow safety precautions to prevent accidents and damage to clothing. Here are some tips:

  • Always dilute bleach before using it. Never pour undiluted bleach directly onto clothing.
  • Follow the instructions on the bleach label carefully. The label will provide information on the appropriate amount of bleach to use for different types of fabrics and stains.
  • Test bleach on an inconspicuous area of the fabric first. This will help ensure that the bleach will not damage the fabric.
  • Wear gloves and eye protection when handling bleach.
  • Never mix bleach with other cleaning products, especially ammonia. This can create dangerous fumes.

The discontinuation of the Clorox Precision-Pour Bleach Gel is a loss for consumers who appreciated its convenience and effectiveness. However, several alternative products offer similar functionality, and by following safety precautions, regular bleach can be used safely and effectively to keep laundry clean and bright.

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Why is Clorox bleach out of stock everywhere?

(CNN) — A cyberattack at Clorox is causing wide-scale disruption of the company’s operations, hampering its ability to make its cleaning materials, Clorox said Monday. Clorox said some of its products are now in short supply as it has struggled to meet consumer demand during the disruption.

Why is Clorox bleach hard to find?

The cyberattack is not the only cause of Clorox product shortages in recent years; after the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, demand for Clorox disinfectant wipes and other sanitizing products spiked beyond the company’s output until well into the following year.

Is Clorox clinging bleach gel septic safe?

A small amount of bleach will not be extremely detrimental to a septic system. It will be dilluted by the volume of water in the tank.

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