Making Nut Butters with a NutriBullet: A Comprehensive Guide

NutriBullets are versatile kitchen appliances that can be used to create a variety of delicious and nutritious foods, including nut butters. While traditional methods of making nut butter require specialized equipment and can be time-consuming, using a NutriBullet offers a convenient and efficient alternative. This guide provides a comprehensive overview of the process, including tips, tricks, and troubleshooting advice to help you make perfect nut butter in your NutriBullet.

Can You Use a NutriBullet for Nut Butters?

Yes, you can use a NutriBullet to make nut butters. The NutriBullet’s powerful motor and sharp blades are capable of grinding nuts into a smooth and creamy butter. However, it’s important to note that the process may take longer and require more patience compared to using a dedicated nut butter maker.

Choosing the Right Nuts

The type of nuts you use will determine the flavor and texture of your nut butter. Some popular choices include:

  • Almonds: Almonds produce a mild and nutty butter with a slightly sweet flavor.
  • Cashews: Cashews yield a rich and creamy butter with a buttery taste.
  • Peanuts: Peanuts create a classic and savory butter with a nutty aroma.
  • Walnuts: Walnuts impart a robust and earthy flavor to the butter.

Preparing the Nuts

Before making nut butter, it’s recommended to roast the nuts to enhance their flavor and make them easier to grind. Preheat your oven to 350°F (175°C) and spread the nuts on a baking sheet. Roast for 10-15 minutes, or until fragrant and slightly browned. Allow the nuts to cool completely before proceeding.

Making Nut Butter in a NutriBullet

  1. Measure the nuts: Use the smaller cup of your NutriBullet and fill it with the desired amount of nuts.
  2. Secure the lid: Place the lid on the NutriBullet and ensure it is securely fastened.
  3. Start blending: Begin blending on low speed and gradually increase to high speed.
  4. Scrape down the sides: As the nuts grind, they will stick to the sides of the cup. Periodically stop the NutriBullet and use a spatula to scrape down the sides.
  5. Continue blending: Continue blending until the nut butter reaches your desired consistency. This may take several minutes, depending on the type of nuts and the power of your NutriBullet.
  6. Add flavorings (optional): Once the nut butter is smooth, you can add flavorings such as salt, honey, or cinnamon to taste.

Tips for Making Nut Butter in a NutriBullet

  • Use roasted nuts: Roasting the nuts enhances their flavor and makes them easier to grind.
  • Be patient: Making nut butter in a NutriBullet takes time and patience. Don’t be discouraged if it takes several minutes to achieve the desired consistency.
  • Scrape down the sides regularly: This helps to ensure that all the nuts are ground evenly.
  • Allow the NutriBullet to cool: The NutriBullet can get hot during the blending process. Allow it to cool down for a few minutes before continuing to blend.
  • Use the smaller cup: The smaller cup provides better leverage for grinding the nuts.
  • Add oil if necessary: If the nut butter becomes too thick, you can add a small amount of oil to help it blend more smoothly.


  • The nut butter is too thick: If the nut butter is too thick, add a small amount of oil and continue blending. You can also try using a larger cup to provide more space for the nuts to move around.
  • The nut butter is too thin: If the nut butter is too thin, continue blending until it thickens. You can also try adding more nuts to the mixture.
  • The NutriBullet is overheating: If the NutriBullet is overheating, stop blending and allow it to cool down for a few minutes before continuing.

Making nut butter in a NutriBullet is a convenient and cost-effective way to enjoy fresh and delicious nut butters. By following the tips and tricks outlined in this guide, you can create smooth and creamy nut butters that are perfect for spreading on toast, adding to smoothies, or using as a dip for fruits and vegetables.

Nutribullet vs Nutri Ninja (ALMOND BUTTER TEST!)


Can you use Nutribullet to make nut butter?

Add the almonds and 1/4 teaspoon salt to a NutriBullet® short cup (18 ounces). Pour over the oil and honey, if using, and attach the extractor blade. Blend until smooth, scraping down sides as needed. Store in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks.

Which Nutribullet blade for nut butter?

When using your NutriBullet to make homemade peanut butter, make sure you’re using the extractor attachment and not the milling attachment. The milling attachment has just 1 blade, while the extractor attachment has 2 blades which cross over each other.

Can I use Nutribullet to grind nuts?

A: I just called Nutribullet about this same exact question today. They told me that the 900 does not need a milling blade. You can put nuts and seeds directly in using the regular blade. They recommended NOT putting in whole pieces of ice.

What can you not put in a NutriBullet?

Hot ingredients like coffee or carbonated ingredients like soda should never be blended in the nutribullet (with the exception of the vented pitchers of the nutribullet Blender and the nutribullet Blender Combo). The ingredients can build up pressure and cause damage to the components and even cause injury.

Can you make peanut butter with a NutriBullet?

But the NutriBullet is powerful enough (and the extractor blades are strong enough) to make it easily. Homemade peanut butter in the NutriBullet is also healthier than making it any other way. Because food processors and blenders aren’t as powerful, you have to add more oil to get a wonderfully smooth texture. More oil = more fat = more calories.

Is butter a healthy food?

It depends on the dose. Butter is rich in butirato, a short chain fatty acid (AGCC) that benefits the health of the intestine. But if consumed in excess can lead to weight gain as it is a very caloric food.

How do you use a NutriBullet?

Chop up your ingredients to help them fit in the blender. If you’re making a smoothie, juice, or soup, cutting your fruits and vegetables can make blending that much easier. Aim to cut larger ingredients (like apples, bananas, celery, etc.) in halves or quarters to help them fit better in the NutriBullet cup. When in doubt, always cut!

Are NutriBullet accessories available online?

Accessory and parts are currently only available online. How do I care for my nutribullet? We recommend washing the blade by hand with warm soapy water immediately after use. You can use a brush to reach hard to reach areas. The cups and accessories are top shelf dishwasher safe.

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