can you buy lemon ricotta

Special! Rich and exotic lemon taste, with a blissfullycreamy texture similar to fine cheesecake~Uncommon and in high demand, this inspired creation is made from buffalo milk whey, lemon and sugar.
can you buy lemon ricotta

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Absolutely delicious. The chocolate is high quality and there is a larger than expected amount of it in the center of the biscotti. Will defintely be ordering these again! LUCILLE PATRONE

Gorgeous work. It brought back memories of the beautiful days in Capri and Sorento. Jean Lockwood

Im so glad I was able to find this company. I can get all the goodies that I love from Italy delivered to my house. Highly recommend. JABC

The only words I can say, Amazing!! If someone has never tried this they absolutely need to go all out and try it. You couldn’t be disappointed. The flavor is out of this world and I’m so glad I took a chance. I will definitely be back for more. I was also very pleased how quickly it showed up straight from Italy to the U.S. Rick Heath

The taste of this stunned me. I had never thought of putting these two tastes together Ed Benjamin

These crunchy and light Italian cookies are unusual in texture, which makes them out-of-the-ordinary. They are also heavily flavored, one person in my family thought it was cherry, the name refers to almond flavor, but they are in fact made from apricot pits.

I loved the tin container that they come in and the fact that each is individually wrapped in plastic and then a decorative paper wrapping. It makes each little cookie something to focus on. Marie Miller

Delicious balsamic vinegar in a very adorable fun cheerful ceramic container. Christina Woods

I did not know what to expect, but the oranges were fresh (they have the leaves on), packed well and arrived quickly after the date they said they would ship. The biggest surprise was how delicious they were – each orange was sweet with a tinge of sour. John MAcea

Beautiful container and glasses. Its a Christmas gift so I havent tried it yet but Ive purchased enough of your limoncello to know it will be excellent. Joel Buckenmeyer

We pay great attention to the customer, we listen to you and we suggest the best possible product, we are always available to the mail [email protected]

No matter where you are, we can send you your order thanks to a network of warehouses and skilled couriers who help us and support

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It was absolutely amazing, can’t wait to order more , I felt like I was in Positano B

I never ate this before, but bought 2 of these baked cheeses thinking to give one to a family member; I gave her only half of one because I did not want to part with the entire second one; she loved it as did my husband and I; the flavor is a creamy sweet lemon which I really enjoyed! I did not have cooked fruit to pair with it, so we ate it “plain”, but it was not plain, if you understand what I mean; the baked ricotta is great all by itself. Thank you Dolceterra for selling it. D

I get this all the time when i go down to the Bronx NY go to author ave and my buddy’s shops always has this on a Saturday. It’s a nice treat and also soooooooooooo good. s


I love this rare cheese! It is difficult to find a vendor that ships it to you, which is necessary for me since I don’t live near any local markets which offer it!

Baked Lemon Ricotta Cheese Haul


Is Trader Joe’s lemon ricotta seasonal?

Among Trader Joe’s veritable pantheon of exquisite desserts sits Baked Lemon Ricotta Cheese. In most cases, the cheese can only be sourced from locations in winter, specifically around the holiday season. However, it’s possible to find it at other times of the year, namely during the late spring.

What does lemon ricotta cheese taste like?

A delightful sweet and tart combination of ricotta and lemon that tastes just like cheesecake and it’s a must have for thanksgiving spread every year so glad it’s back!! you have to try it with graham crackers, ginger cookies, lemon cookies.

What to eat with baked lemon ricotta?

Remove the baked cheese from the oven and let it cool for a few minutes before serving. Serve with your favorite crackers, toasted bread, or vegetable sticks. Garnish with extra thyme leaves and lemon zest for an extra burst of flavor.

Does Trader Joe’s have ricotta?

The aforementioned process is the “traditional” way (or should we say whey) of making ricotta, and as we’re never one to shy away from culinary tradition, Trader Joe’s Ricotta Cheese follows this authentic tradition to bring our shoppers a classically Italian cheese able to find its way into tons of recipes!

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