can i make chicken wings ahead of time

If you’re looking for the absolute best Crispy Baked Chicken Wings, these are it! I have tested several competing methods against this one, and these reign king, with hundreds of rave reviews in the comments. These turn out extra crispy thanks to parboiling away the excess fat, then cooking in a super hot oven. Less fat, less calories, and healthier than deep-fried!

This recipe is one of the oldest and most popular on my site, and for good reason. A crackly skinned chicken wing is SO good!

I have long been enamored with wings (as evidenced by the many variations of chicken wing recipes on my site, like these Garlic Parmesan Wings, Korean Chicken Wings, and Honey Garlic Chicken Wings), and I’ll use any sports event that comes up on TV as an excuse to make them.

If you want to prepare the wings and sauce in advance, preheat your oven to 160°F and keep the wings in the oven until party time, says Wichert. Then, toss the wings in the sauce just before serving to prevent them from getting soggy.
can i make chicken wings ahead of time

Toss in your preferred sauce

At this point your crispy baked wings are ready to be tossed in a large bowl with Buffalo Sauce (assuming you want to enjoy these as the classic buffalo wings, but oven baked), and devoured.

can i make chicken wings ahead of time

How to Make It Step by Step:

Here’s an overview of the game plan.

  • Cut the chicken wings into drumettes and wingettes, if needed. If you buy “party wings” at the store instead of whole, they are already prepped for you. I recommend this to save time and hassle.
  • Simmer the chicken in salted water for about 7 minutes, to render excess fat.
  • Dry them thoroughly.
  • Place them face down on a sheet pan and bake, flipping once while cooking.
  • Coat in sauce, and serve.

Let’s look at some step by step photos.

Easy Chicken Wings Recipe


Can chicken wings be cooked ahead of time?

Can these wings be baked ahead of time and reheated? Yes, baked wings reheat well. I’d reheat them in a 350° oven and start checking them at 15 minutes to ensure they are heated through. Many recipes call for baking powder to crisp up chicken wings.

How do you prepare chicken wings for the night before?

Can you make crispy baked chicken wings ahead of time? Yes, go through all the steps of parboiling the wings and drying well with a paper towel, then place the chicken pieces on a sheet pan and refrigerate UNCOVERED for up to 24 hours. Then all you have to do is pop them into the hot oven and bake them.

Can you reheat wings and make them crispy?

Our favorite way to reheat chicken wings is in the oven. This method will give you a crisped exterior and a moist and juicy interior. If you’re worried about the wings drying out, spritz them with water before putting them in the oven.

How do you keep chicken wings warm and crispy?

To keep all of the wings warm, place the cooked wings on a wire rack in a jelly-roll pan, and keep them warm in a 200˚ oven while you finish frying.

Can chicken wings be made ahead of time?

Yes, chicken wings can be made ahead of time by baking or frying them until they are cooked through, and then storing them in the refrigerator until needed. When ready to serve, simply reheat in the oven or microwave and toss with your favorite sauce. Note that the wings may not be as crispy as when they were first cooked.

How long do you cook chicken wings in the oven?

Preheat your oven to 350 F. Line a baking sheet or pan with foil and place the wings on top of the sheet in a single layer. Heat the wings for about 15 or 20 minutes, or until heated all the way through. You don’t need to cover the wings while they reheat, doing so could make them soggy and less appetizing.

How do you cook crispy chicken wings?

The Best Crispy Baked Chicken Wings! Less fat and less calories thanks to a cooking method of parboiling then baking in the oven. Heat up a big pot of boiling water. Season the water like you would for cooking pasta (taste the water, it should taste a little repulsively salty, like sea water).

How do you make make ahead chicken wings?

You’ll want to have plenty of napkins or wet wipes on hand. These make ahead chicken wings are not the kind of thing you can eat without getting your hands dirty! Place 3 lbs. of chicken wings in a large resealable bag. Combine flour and water in a bowl. Mix in the remaining ingredients and pour over the chicken wings in the bag.

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