Can Epicurean Cutting Boards Go in the Dishwasher?

Yes, all Epicurean cutting boards are dishwasher safe. This makes them a convenient and easy-to-clean option for busy kitchens.

Benefits of Dishwasher-Safe Cutting Boards

  • Convenience: Dishwasher-safe cutting boards save time and effort compared to hand-washing. Simply place the cutting board in the dishwasher and let it do the work for you.
  • Hygienic: Dishwashers use hot water and detergent to effectively remove bacteria and other contaminants from cutting boards. This helps to ensure that your cutting boards are clean and sanitary.
  • Durability: Epicurean cutting boards are made from a durable paper composite material that can withstand the heat and water of a dishwasher without warping or cracking.

How to Clean Epicurean Cutting Boards in the Dishwasher

To clean your Epicurean cutting board in the dishwasher, simply follow these steps:

  1. Rinse the cutting board with water to remove any loose food particles.
  2. Place the cutting board in the dishwasher, making sure that it is not touching any other dishes or utensils.
  3. Select a normal wash cycle with hot water and detergent.
  4. Allow the cutting board to air dry completely before using it again.

Additional Cleaning Tips for Epicurean Cutting Boards

  • For heavily soiled cutting boards, you can pre-treat them by soaking them in a solution of hot water and dish soap for 30 minutes before placing them in the dishwasher.
  • If you notice any stains on your cutting board, you can remove them by lightly sanding the surface with 220-grit sandpaper.
  • To keep your cutting board looking its best, you can occasionally apply a light coat of mineral oil to the surface. This will help to condition the wood and prevent it from drying out.

Epicurean cutting boards are a durable and convenient option for busy kitchens. Their dishwasher-safe design makes them easy to clean and maintain, ensuring that you have a hygienic and sanitary cutting surface for all your food preparation needs.

Epicurean Cutting Board CONS:

  • I prefer end-grain, walnut cutting boards for heavy chopping because I like a little give in my boards when using a chef’s knife for mincing or chopping. The give and feel of the Epicurean boards are not the same. But I do enjoy slicing fruits and chopping raw meats on the Epicurean boards.
  • Cutting board must be supported by something; being thin and light means the board will move around more easily. To keep the cutting board in place, I place a damp paper towel, a thin towel, or a piece of rubber drawer liner underneath it. It’s great that they have boards with non-slip feet.

Epicurean Cutting Board PROS:

  • I can hold the board in one hand because it’s lightweight and thin. actually one finger due to the hanging signature hole
  • Even after being subjected to frequent washings and heavy use by culinary school students, the boards manage to maintain their beautiful appearance.
  • Easy care: The cutting board doesn’t need to be oiled (I have to oil my wooden boards at least once a month).
  • Nonporous: The Epicurean cutting boards are much safer to use and easier to keep bacteria-free than my wooden cutting boards.
  • made in the USA using sustainable forestry practices and utilizing trees that meet North America Sustainable Forestry Standards

Review of Epicurean Cutting Boards


Can I put my Epicurean cutting board in the dishwasher?

At Epicurean®, we know the importance of keeping things simple. That is why our surfaces are maintenance free and easy to clean. Here are a few quick and easy care tips: To clean your Epicurean® cutting board, wash it with hot soapy water or simply run it through your dishwasher.

How do you clean an Epicurean board?

HOW DO I CLEAN MY EPICUREAN CUTTING BOARD OR KITCHEN UTENSIL? The products are dishwasher safe or may be cleaned with warm, soapy water. Cleaning with diluted bleach will not harm the product but is unnecessary. Epicurean does not recommend harsh chemicals to clean the products.

How do I know if my cutting board is dishwasher safe?

You can put your cutting board in the dishwasher if it is made from thick plastic or glass and labeled dishwasher safe. However, cutting boards made from thin plastic, wood, metal, or other materials, like granite, should not be put in the dishwasher.

How long do Epicurean cutting boards last?

But it won’t crack or rot like a wood cutting board, and it won’t breakdown overtime like plastic. With a little care this cutting board will last a lifetime and because Epicurean manufacturers the boards in the USA, with materials from FSC forests it’s a purchase you can feel good about.

Are Epicurean kitchen boards dishwasher safe?

The Kitchen Series cutting board by Epicurean is their signature product. It’s thin, lightweight, durable, and maintenance free. Like all of their cutting boards, the Kitchen Series boards are NSF certified so they can be used at home or in a commercial kitchen. These boards come in 3 colors and 4 sizes . Yes, they’re dishwasher safe!

Do Epicurean cutting boards go in the dishwasher?

And yes they go in the dishwasher! We picked this particular Epicurean board for Kitchn Essentials (our list of tools we recommend the most) because it has channels to funnel juices and rubber feet that keep the board totally steady. The first step in using a knife safely is stabilizing your cutting board, and nonslip feet makes that so simple.

Are Epicurean cutting boards food safe?

Epicurean cutting boards are made from a composite material that includes layers of wood fibers and a food-safe resin. The resin used in their production is specifically chosen to be safe for food contact. Epicurean cutting boards are known for their non-porous surface, which makes them resistant to bacteria buildup and easy to clean.

How do you clean Epicurean cutting board?

To clean your Epicurean cutting board, wash it with hot soapy water or simply run it through your dishwasher. Your Epicurean cutting surface is a paper composite product. It can warp if left in wet or damp conditions for long periods of time. To avoid warping, thoroughly dry your surface upright and on edge before storing.

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