• French Onion...“Au Gratin”

    Il commence à faire froid (It's getting chilly)
  • Steak Frite and Wine Bar

    Sous vide (pronounced soo-veed) means “under vacuum” in French. It is a gourmet culinary technique long used by chefs worldwide.
  • Go ahead...Try it!

    Traditional Crème brûlée
  • Steak Cooked Perfectly Every Time

    This fantastic technique gives you a very high level of control over the texture of the finished dish, while eliminating any chance of over or undercooking it.
  • Seasonal Rose'

    Come and try our Rose' - light cherry and strawberry notes and citrus acidity refresh the palate and conjure the warmth of a Summer in Provence.
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Latest NewsWelcome to La Folie Bistro

It’s not just about the food, or the wine, or the bread. What we want is an experience, a two-hour trip to Paris complete with steak frites, fabulous wine and classic American rock & roll. Traditional bistro fare, which is basically comfort food with an accent: Steak, Salmon or Portobello & fries. Onion soup, fresh shellfish and cheese??? Heck yes. Our mixologist will create a pre-war “American-bartender-in-Paris” cocktail list.

The wine selection will be one that will be a nod to Provence. 

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